Watt-Ahh® Customers Share Their Own Stories to Help Others

We were pleasantly surprised that SRQ Magazine (February 2017 edition) printed our open letter. Rob and I state in this letter: “AquaNew, our Sarasota-based company that manufactures Watt-Ahh, showcases stories of our customers – it can range from a natural beauty tip, an athletic sports victory and even a story about their beloved pet. Our customers selflessly share their experiences to help others.”

Stories make us feel human and help us relate to one another. The most enjoyment that I see from Rob is when he has a new audience to spin some tales of his own, or even better, hear from a customer about a new story on how the Polarized Water helped someone. We are grateful that both typically happen each day! These miracle stories have a broad spectrum from healthier and stronger farm animals (young chickens nailing a perch landing on the first try) to regeneration of cells to restore vision recently reported by a healthcare practitioner. As Rob poignantly says “healing requires energy,” and he has discovered how to unlock the secret of Nature to add energy back into pure water.

But the bravest of all of our customers are the ones who suffered a painful trauma and are willing to share their recovery story so others may either avoid or curtail a similar terrible pain. We add some of these stories with related photos to an office notebook called the “Ugly Book.” But that is not its full title since the compilation of these stories and photos include recovery.  Consequently, the full title is the “Ugly Book with a Happy Ever After Ending.”

The most recent testimonial involves grossly ulcerated toes of a man who soaked his feet in the Polarized Water over a period of twelve weeks. Before soaking in the Polarized Water (as recommended by his son), the man’s doctor originally recommended amputation of his toes. This happily-ever-after-ending is that he followed his son’s advice and was able to save his toes. This story, and those of other wound stories, can be found on the WIT website (click on the Pain Relief/Healing tab in the right column).

Yes, we need to warn you that the photos are graphic and bloody … we shed tears seeing these photos for the first time but celebrate the bravery of these individuals willing to share their trauma/recovery story with others.