Watt-Ahh for All Kids

Pennsylvania State University recently estimated that 20% of U.S. children do not drink water on any given day. The study also found that children that do not drink water consumed more calories, with an estimated 10% of the extra calories coming from sugary drinks. Source: “Kids Beverages: The Shape of Water”, BevNet Magazine, September/October 2019

On the health tailwinds of lower-sugar diets, some beverage companies are trying (again) to bring to market water products for kids even though that specific beverage segment has traditionally shown weak-to-failing sales growth. Our long-term customers may recall a kid-positioned bottled water … a knockoff name close to our U.S. registered brand name … and a famous pop star with a public dislike for donuts, who formerly promoted the bottled water. It was a great concept to encourage kids to drink more pure water but the product has not been available on the market since 2016.

In our opinion, the marketing line between appealing to kids and adults on 100% pure water should be virtually nonexistent. We all need water for every stage of life.