Watt-Ahh Life: Closeup of Bob Chenard, AquaNew Sales, Social Media and E-commerce

We interviewed Bob Chenard on September 14, 2021:

Bob, how did you become interested in vintage rock concert T-shirts and sports memorabilia?

“I have always been a collector and back in the 90’s when I was in my 20’s, I was a Sales Account Executive selling on air commercials for Radio Free Hawaii KDEO 102.7fm on Oahu in Hawaii as well as WAAF 107.3fm the Rock of Boston.  I amassed an impressive collection of rare and hard to find genuine authentic vintage T Shirts as well as Music and Sports related memorabilia.  For my online store, I have posted a large composite photo of all of the concert tickets I collected through the years (only part of the collection is shown above), the logic being if you’re gonna purchase an authentic vintage concert T shirt you will most likely want to buy one from the guy who was at the show. My Etsy online store can be viewed here.”

Your collection of vintage rock concert T-shirts is unique. But sports memorabilia? How did you get interested in sports? 

“I am originally from Medway, Massachusetts and played high school soccer, ice hockey and baseball. I attended Davis + Elkins College in West Virginia and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Sports Management with a minor in Business Administration in 1992. As a collegiate athlete, I was voted Davis + Elkins ‘Athlete of the Year 1991’ while serving as Captain of the Soccer team at the College and went on to play semi-professional soccer for the New England Revolution farm team, the Worcester Wildfire.  I continue to have a very active lifestyle as a very healthy, happy 53 year old.”

Do you have family?

“Yes. I reside in Sarasota, FL. with my wife, Amy and 12-year-old daughter, Alexandra (or ‘Lexie’).  I enjoy spending time with my family and the comforts of country living on our ranch with 3 horses, 1 donkey, 3 dogs, 2 cats and 16 chickens.   I also enjoy listening to music, collecting and selling music-related memorabilia, mountain biking and fitness-related activities such as Boxing and Kickboxing.”

Bob, it sounds like have a full, active life. I understand that you have over 20 years of communications experience.

“That’s right. After selling and creating radio ads, I went into the retail and wireless cell phone industry and held managerial positions.”

How did you learn about Watt-Ahh?

“How I came to know and become a believer – As a former athlete and active adult playing sports (ice hockey and soccer) from my teenage years right on through to age 40. I found that when I slowed down, that my body did too and unfortunately have now had to have 2 (not just 1) hips replaced! Immediately following the procedures I found myself feeling very ill as an after effect from the anesthesia and pain relief pills that were provided to me.

On the advice of an acquaintance, I had heard about Watt Ahh and how it could potentially help to bring me out of this ‘toxic’ state of being which lasted for almost 1 month! After roughly 30 days of suffering I was introduced to Rob and you (Dana) at AquaNew and tried their amazing product which brought me almost immediately back to feeling 100%. While taking in the water and getting to know Rob and Dana, they provided example after example of similar success stories and I instantly became an advocate and believer.

Ever since, I have been recommending Watt-Ahh to everyone I come into contact with and have witnessed firsthand amazing results. Through maintaining a relationship with Rob and Dana and as a loyal customer it finally all came together and now we are combining forces to spread the good word.  The future looks bright!”

Yes, indeed, and welcome aboard. How are you going to help AquaNew “spread the good word”?

I bring a proven track record of leadership and a positive ‘tell me what you can do’ solutions oriented attitude with a team player mentality.  I am very excited to be a part of the AquaNew/Watt-Ahh team and looking forward to contributing towards their continued success.

One of my goals is to share ‘best life experiences’ from those that have been made aware of the benefits of utilizing Watt-Ahh in their daily lives and the benefits and to also introduce the concept to those ‘not in the know’.

One example is our newest Instagram account, WattAhh Life, where we plan to post interviews, photos and videos on individuals who have discovered the benefit of Watt-Ahh in their respective lives.”

You can contact Bob at bob@aquanew.com.