Watt-Ahh – Social Network String From Sterling Hill’s Facebook Page

Many individuals are seeking health advice online and Sterling Hill, a genetic researcher, is willing to share her knowledge with others. She recently posted a recommendation about Watt-Ahh below and we want to share with you along with some of the social string that followed.

Posted by Sterling Hill, CEO of Mthfr Support on her Facebook Page that generated over 200 likes, 89 comments and 71 shares:

April 24 at 11:12 am

“Might I add Watt-ahh, MMS, ASEA, RENU and Ozone. My go to is Watt-ahh because of taste and price. Not only does it make oxygen but hydrogen and redox and it is the 5th phase of water that your healthy cells natively make and hydrate every cell in the body so you don’t have to depend on drugs to put zinc back in the cell walls. That’s exactly what hydroxychloroqiune and tonic water does hydrates the cell but with side effects”. Sterling Hill

The following are some of the comments relating to Watt-Ahh in response to Sterling’s post:

“Sterling Hill I just wanted to give you a testimony about Watt-Ahh. Started my daughter (vax injured, PANS, autism) on it 2 weeks ago. Only up to 1 Oz so far, going slow.

We did Biophoton therapy with a homeopath last Sept -Dec… the homeopath always measured my daughters EMF/radiation exposure, and she always registered super high for radiation exposure/poisoning despite all the precautions we take. We haven’t seen her in a few months but every couple weeks she’s been measuring the radiation exposure on my daughter remotely. It still always came back high… until she tested her last week and then again yesterday… both times the measurement/reading came back that she’s radiation free! So it’s got to be the Watt-ahh we started 2 weeks ago!!! 😃🙌” From Kat

“Sterling I take hydroxychloraquine twice a day for lupus. Does that mean I should not drink Watt-ahh in addition to taking it? Would that be duplicated therapy?” From Rebecca

Sterling’s Replay to Rebecca: “I’m not sure Rebecca. That would be a good thing to call and ask. Hydroxy chloroquine is a chloride detergent with quinine to help push nutrients in the cell. That is the reason I use wattAhh to hydrate the cell and oxygenate the cell and get nutrients in the cell to then get cellular communication going.”

Sterling, how can you tell if you could tolerate hcq if you’ve had a bad reaction to cipro?? I LOVE the WATT-AHH!!!!” From Vonda

“I take HCq for lupus and drink wattah … No issues I can tell.” From Brenda

“Amazingly I am not a fan of water. But I don’t mind watt ahh. It actually doesn’t taste like dirt like all other waters do to me”. From Charie

“Love watt ahh since I started using it I have noticed an increase in energy and decrease in pain!!! Alternative therapies are now becoming main stream, freedom from pharma and big med”. From Dawn

“Do you drink watt-ahh daily? How much?” From Courtney

“I drink at least one bottle”. From Elaine

“Yessss!!!! I drink 5 bottles of Watt-Ah a day 🙏🏻💚” From Tara

“Too bad most people cant afford it”. From Rachel

“I need to order!!! From Lisa