Watt-Ahh’s Ormist Available at Sarasota’s Eclectic Art Market Next Weekend

March 12, 2022 – My creative art sister, Lisa, is one of the organizers for an exciting Spring Break event in Downtown Sarasota, FL. (at Five Points Park) next weekend, on Saturday, March 19, 2022 between 10 am and 5 pm. Lisa also exhibits at other venues including the Siesta Key Sunday Market. She sells an array of beautiful accessories and clothes including our parents’ neckrings, scarves, hip clips and other treasures.

She invited AquaNew to share her double booth and we jumped onto this opportunity with prime-time Florida weather and visitors from around-the-World interested in the local creative talent. We are inspired and will be offering a new experimental product, called “Ormist” for the first time. Since Watt-Ahh Polarized Water has the frequency similar to gold, Ormist or “golden mist” is 100% Watt-Ahh that can be lightly misted on the skin and eyes for a refreshing, healing feeling.

Here is the exclusive introductory offer for Ormist: The kit includes one bottle of 24-16.9 oz. bottle and a new 360-mister @ $10/kit including sales tax.









Show Exclusive: Ormist Kit, $10 including sales tax while supplies last.