What is Your Favorite Elixir?

Cod liver oil and collagen dietary supplement in glass for drinkThe type of water that you drink with your daily vitamin supplements does affect the absorption rate into your blood stream. My husband, Rob, and I have been creating an elixir each morning using the Polarized Water for more rapid absorption into the cells. We also swallow it with vitamin supplements – with or without time release.

Rob and I, being over 60 years old, currently enjoy good health without taking prescribed drugs. Our focus at this time in our lives center around joint movement (so Rob can continue to operate power tools and bubble at the bottling plant to make Watt-Ahh®) and also anti-inflammation, eye and digestive health.

The Polarized Water enhances many fine products on the market, and if you would like the actual product names that we personally use (we do not endorse, but will vote for them!), please send me an email at dana@aquanew.com. Also, we would like it if you have a special elixir to share with our customers. Please read the recommended dosage instructions for each product that you use, and keep in mind that if you use Watt-Ahh® Polarized Water you may be able to reduce the size of the dosage to obtain the same efficacy of your chosen product(s).

The Gourley Morning Time Elixir

  • A full glass of Watt-Ahh® Polarized Water
  • For eye health: powder containing Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Vitamin E, Taurine, and Resveratrol
  • For gut health:
    • Splash of either Kefir, Kombucha, or apple vinegar
    • Liquid form of Lignite extracts
    • Powder form of ionic Magnesium Citrate
  • For anti-inflammation: Powder form of Japanese green tea leaves
  • For joint movement: Rob continues to try different products on the market and usually takes in a capsule form (containing Omega fatty acids) while drinking the elixir.