Wheat Grass Juicing Tip by Rob Gourley of AquaNew

wheatgrass.juicer315Earlier in March of 2015, Robin Oestreich of Alva, Florida invited us to tour her wheat grass hydroponic facility, Ocean Grown Farms. We also enjoyed seeing her gardens and collection of farm animals, including a new potbellied pig that she recently adopted. The animals keep her busy while the wheat grass grows. Each crop becomes ready within about a week for harvesting, packaging and delivery to natural food stores in the Ft. Myers area. On the label, it reads one ounce of wheat grass juice is equivalent to 2 ½ lbs. of vegetables. Robin generously gave us a three-lb. bag of wheat grass. We invested into a slow-processing juicer (since our speedy Ninja blender is not the optimum for wheat grass juicing). We discovered it is an easier juicing if we soak the wheat grass in a bowl containing Watt-Ahh® before feeding it into the stone-mill auger or screw device to make the juice. We also add a shot of Watt-Ahh® to the green juice for that extra power boost! Another tip before rewrapping the unused wheat grass, spray with Watt-Ahh® for longer shelf life before storing back in the refrigerator.