WIT Machine Available Again in the Sarasota/Venice, FL. Area

May 21, 2021: About five years ago, WIT International/AquaNew and Dr. John Monhollon of the Florida Integrative Medical Center hosted an open house to talk about healing energy and how DiTetra Gas is generated by a WIT Machine. DiTetra Gas, the Fifth State of Water that is infused into Watt-Ahh bottled water, can also be used for respiratory, neurological and vision recoveries. The video from that informative evening can be found here.

There are WIT Machines that currently operate in other health clinics including Fort Lauderhill, FL. and Warm Mineral Springs, GA. … but none were recently available in our hometown until now. This week, a WIT Machine was installed at OZA Essentials located in Venice, FL.  Zuzana Shaw, OZA’s President, followed Dr. Monhollon’s advice over five years ago and arranged for WIT to install a machine at her home used as one of the complimentary modalities to treat her husband. Zuzana witnessed first-hand the energy generated by a WIT Machine and wants to share the same with her clients at OZA Essentials. Their story and more about Zuzana’s new clinic, OZA Essentials, including contact information for an appointment on the WIT Machine, can be found here.

Inventor Rob Gourley installed the WIT Machine. OZA’s Vice President, Lucie Novakova is also shown in the photos. 

For visiting or making an appointment: OZA Essentials Co., 109 W. Tampa Ave., Venice FL 34285, (941) 786-5033 or (941)-483-6748, www.ozaessentials.com







OZA Essentials also sells Watt-Ahh bottled water.