Wonderland Oneness

The fundraiser party for the future Museum of Consciousness to be located within Downtown Sarasota, FL. was held the night before the Flight-to-the-North Pole holiday party for kids with life-threatening medical conditions and special needs. The museum will focus on awakening the human consciousness and innovation to make our World more sustainable and harmonious … triggering the energy force of many to become One. Carol Vengroff is the conceptual powerhouse for this future museum. Before the party, she called us to ask if she could place bottles of Watt-Ahh at each table during the dinner event and of course, AquaNew donated the bottles to her non-profit fundraiser and also made a “from-the-Heart” donation towards the construction of the museum.

At the Flight-to-the-North Pole party the next morning, I personally experienced an awareness of Oneness. Feld Entertainment hosted this year’s 34th-annual party since the Sarasota Airport fire station is undergoing a major rehab. Many volunteers created a gigantic wonderland for the 150 children and their families. While Rob and I sat for a while on a bench watching all of the world-class Feld production action … special lighting, music, choir stage, huge movie screen, a drone circling above, and kids riding a train with a caboose designed for a wheelchair … I recognized the phenomenal power of Oneness. The caring heart for this event was still evident … the unfailing devotion of family for their special needs child, the volunteers who unselfishly gave countless hours of preparation for the party, and the pure joy and laughter of all ages. It was a true Wonderland of Oneness.

The tube snow slide was again a huge success with the kids. We appreciated the SWAT team elves who kept the kids safe on the slide. The snow pile was a huge hit too … yes, a pun for the snowball throwing frenzy as we awaited the arrival of Santa in a Monster Truck.

Wishing everyone peace and harmony for the Holiday Season … a Wonderland of Oneness.