Young Fawn

The corporate headquarters of AquaNew is located along the green fringe of a special area within eastern Sarasota, FL called the “Myakka Island”. We enjoy our commute from the house to the backyard office/workshop building, watching the various critters. The female deer know they are secure and will stay in our backyard to raise their fawns. Sometimes, we observe a couple of does trading out times to watch each other’s fawns.

The first fawn sighting seemed to come early this Spring (shown in the photo to the left). The mama doe did not seem to show a spark of interest towards her fawn. Unfortunately, a couple days after taking the photo, we found the fawn still alive, lying under some equipment stored in the tent. We also noticed the doe that was standing at a distance, did not have any milk glands that were visible.

On the afternoon of Good Friday, we called the Wildlife Inc. Educational and Rehabilitation Center of Bradenton Beach, FL. Devon Straight drove over an hour through holiday traffic to get to our place. He told Rob that they receive about ten calls each Spring about fawns either “abandoned” or suffering from malnutrition.

Rob told me that when Devon was holding the fawn (shown in the photo to the right), it was so precious with soft fur and large brown eyes. Devon placed the fawn into a large dog crate in the back of his vehicle, and Rob gave him a cargo blanket to cover the crate. Devon said warmed goat’s milk will be ready to give to the fawn once he got back to the Center. He felt confident that the rescue was in time to save the fawn. Rob donated several cases of Watt-Ahh® and recommended to Devon that the Polarized Water be added to the goat’s milk. Devon also told Rob that the Center has a “neat” place to release the recovered animals back into the wild when the time is right. It is Wildlife Inc.’s decision when the time is right, but we also invited the fawn to be released back to her home.

The fawn’s rescue story, and these photos, were also posted on Wildlife, Inc. Facebook page. Devon wrote about the fawn: “She is eating well and gaining back her strength. Wish her luck!”

Additionally, this story made the local ABC/My Suncoast News.

BTW, Rob recognized the Wildlife, Inc. folks as the ones who bring rehabbed owls to show the kids enjoying the Flight to the North Pole holiday party each year. Wildlife, Inc. definitely gives back to our Community and relies on our donations to keep doing good deeds for animals and those who love them.

Update Over One Month After the Fawn Rescue by Devon: We received a kind handwritten note from Devon’s grandmother, Gail S. of Wildlife, Inc. on May 23, 2017.  She wrote: “Devon graduated Wednesday so he is doing more rescues for us. We are very proud of our grandson.” Gail continues: “The fawn is doing well and has friends to play with. They are drinking their goat milk and getting big, growing strong.” Wildlife Inc. treats 3,000 to 4,000 injured and orphaned animals a year. Through donations, this nonprofit organization fulfills its twin mission of education on the delicate balance of nature and ways people can positively affect the environment.