Pee Like a Champ

by Dana Gourley on July 30, 2018

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We are in the hydration business and we must proudly share with you that our 7-year-old cat pees like a champ!

Dewey enjoys slurping Watt-Ahh around 10 p.m. and then she comes roaring into the living room and pounces on us laying on the couch to tell us she is feeling good and wants to play. She is a true rambunctious Watt-Ahh cat! The next morning, we discover these huge pee balls.

O.K., there is a limit of our pride … we will not drive around with a sticker on the back of our car that says our cat pees better than your cat!

Unfortunately, kidney failure is a major concern for pet owners, particularly those who live with their pets in regions of hard water. Pet insurance adjusters also have gathered claim data that show a higher incidence of kidney issues in male cats living in areas of hard water.

We cannot go as far as stating 9 out of 10 vets recommend Watt-Ahh but we are appreciative when we hear customer stories of following their vet’s advice and consequently, their beloved pets are doing better with Watt-Ahh. We recently shipped a second full pallet to Alternative Veterinary clinic in Blairsville, Ga.  (thank you, Dr. Brennan and Judy). In her practice, Dr. Mary Brennan, DVM, uses effective tools of traditional medicine (allopathic medicine to treat the symptoms) combined with holistic healing modalities (to treat the cause thereby reducing the recurrence of the health problems in the future).

One of Dr. Brennan’s clients gave us this testimonial about her dog:

“I drink the Polarized Water because of its many hydration benefits and healing properties to the body and especially the brain. I even give it to my pets to keep them healthy. I am a retired military RN and fully understand the great health ramifications provided by the Polarized Water”.

She continues … “Interestingly enough, I first learned about his (Rob Gourley’s) amazing miracle water from my new Veterinarian. My senior female boxer, Sassy, had developed an eye condition which two Vets diagnosed and treated with antibiotic and steroids for almost two months. Her eye got a little better and then got much, much worse. I sought out an ‘alternative health, holistic Vet’ in Blue Ridge, GA. She then stopped all previous treatments, diagnosing my dog with the primary condition of glaucoma (high blood pressure in the eye). The high blood pressure was shutting down blood flow to her vital eye organs. Due to the length and severity of her condition, more complications had occurred, such as deep corneal abrasions and clouding on her left cornea, to the point she was essentially blind in her left eye. The Vet put Sassy on the Polarized Water to help with the healing of her cloudiness and deep abrasions, along with two other meds to bring down the blood pressure. Within weeks, amazing results were seen. The follow-up Vet visit was a marked improvement, and her third follow-up visit indicated the corneal abrasions had fully healed. The cloudiness had lessened and cleared at the bottom of her left eye so she is able to see out of that eye now. I continue to flush both of my dog’s eyes with the Polarized Water 3x/day and then administer only one medication in order to keep her pressures in the normal range. The Vet encouraged me to look up the Polarized Water on the internet and read all about it. I got so excited learning about this miracle water that I am now purchasing it for myself, my husband and my pets. BTW, the entire staff at Vet’s clinic drinks at least 1L per day … and they all love it 🙂

Thank you for this wonderful water!” Rebecca Anderson of North Carolina

Rob and I of course have to show off a photo of our cat (the champ pee-ball maker). In the photo below, Dewey is a 12-lb. cat laying on her mat with a black cat image, making an illusion that her front legs look longer than reality … but there is no illusion that she both acts and pees like a black panther!

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