Anti-aging and Watt-Ahh

by Dana Gourley on January 11, 2020

in Anti-aging, Health/Nutrition, Watt-Ahh

For the New Year, Wendy Myers of Myers Detox in California provides surprising anti-aging skin tips in an article, entitled “How to Get Rid of Winkles Naturally”. Not only does she have the professional expertise in this field, her skin glows during her multiple podcasts while interviewing other health practitioners.

In this wide-ranging article, she discusses in-home treatments and products for collagen production, metal detox, antioxidant defense, UV protection, light therapy, optimum sleep positions and supplements. Another of her anti-aging pillars is hydration and she gives an honorable mention to Watt-Ahh “supercharged water” as she calls it.

We offer a 10% discount on Watt-Ahh while ordering online at with the code either “Energywater” or “Myersdetox” in the “special instructions” spot at checkout. Before we capture your credit card from, we will adjust the total by deducting the discount. Unfortunately, the discount does not apply to UPS shipping rates … only the total cost of the Watt-Ahh on your order is discounted. Starting with the New Year (2020), the U.S. parcel shipping industry applied a 15% rate increase … boo! The discount also does not apply to stores, Amazon orders or home deliveries within SW Florida (from southern Bradenton to northern Naples).

Thank you, Wendy, for sharing great tips for skin care to others. Our skin is indeed the bellwether of good health and hydration.



Mitochondric Life – 2020 AHA! Discovery Series

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