International shipping is tricky. We have had persistently focused customers who hire exporters to ship pallets of Watt-Ahh to their home countries including Canada, U.K., China and Sweden. The most recent is a pallet arrived by ship to the Netherlands.  Gio (our customer and shipper for the international portion of the pallet journey) sent this photo with the following message:



“Subject:  The eagles have landed!

Hi, Dana. The pallet made it to the Netherlands!

The goods are ok but the wooden bottom pallet was damaged so it could not be rolled to my front door: so my morning exercise consisted of moving 56 12-packs manual from the (far) road to my front door.

Thank you for ALL your patience, support and help.

I had a toast with my partner, she knows I am crazy but that is proof of her true love 🙂

Kind regards,

Cheers to Gio, for your persistence and patience. We wish you and your partner the best in health! Dana and Rob

International Shipping Recommendations

We routinely provide the following recommendations to customers who want to ship Watt-Ahh internationally (outside the continental USA).

  • Ship to their American friend who is willing to ship internationally to them (or the customer drives across a US border to pick up).
  • Purchase a full pallet (672 liter bottles) and the customer pays for the shipment to an exporter located within the USA. One company to consider is USA Open located in Deerfield Beach, FL. USA Open handles international shipping arrangements for bottled water, consumable products and supplements. Bill Thomas told us it is o.k. to contact him at 954-903-1647 FL. ET or via email at
  • Use your DHL account for international shipping (the customer is the shipper of record). Call 1-888-936-2782 or email to arrange credit card payment for the Watt-Ahh and we will provide our physical address for DHL pickup.
  • We are aware of international customers who purchase shipping to a reship company (one example is located in our home town, Sarasota, FL., located in California and another is in Oregon) which in turn will ship to the customer. Please be aware that we are receiving mixed reviews on these reship companies so we recommend that you obtain confirmation on their separate company policies, reship costs and accurate information on both the shipping address and handling information (e.g., your name) before placing your order with us.
  • Use your shipping account and send us your shipping label (s) (as clarification, you are the shipper of record). Call 1-888-936-2782 or email to arrange credit card payment for the Watt-Ahh® and we will provide our physical address to send the shipping label(s).

We remain open to learning about other options from our international customers.

Customers also make recommendations to store owners for carrying Watt-Ahh or split the cost of a full pallet with their coop (or with their relatives and friends).

We offer a weekly e-newsletter such that we announce new developments in AquaNew/Watt-Ahh. It is free and anyone can subscribe by sending an email to and we will be glad to add you to the list.


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