Over a year ago, we published a post entitled “Health Revival Update”. Some of the video links about patient testimonials using the WIT Machines have been posted on YouTube and we wanted to share below.

Dr. Campbell has a WIT Machine, operating in his clinic located in Hollywood, FL. We keep a close working relationship with our licensees and request occasional reports on how their patients are responding to both drinking the Polarized Water (Watt-Ahh) and breathing the DiTetra Gas (a.k.a., Dioxytetrahydride Gas) generated by a WIT Machine. Dr. Campbell excels in sharing his observations with us. He assesses the optimum method of dispersal of the Gas for each of his patients either via a canula inserted into the nostrils or held inside the mouth. The Gas can also be diffused into modified swim goggles for eye therapies.

Dr. Campbell also uses a sauna tent converting Watt-Ahh into steam while his patient sits inside the tent and  simultaneously breathes the Gas through a canula. He was the catalyst for our “facial sauna support group” using an easy “home” method to make the skin smoother and can accelerate topical healing.

Some of Dr. Campbell’s patients have agreed to talk about their experiences on video which he has posted on both on his YouTube Channel and Facebook Page. Below we posted some of Dr. Campbell’s videos: (Note: if the videos do not download for you, you can also go directly to Dr. Walter Campbell’s YouTube Channel).


Man with Restored Central Vision (click here)









Woman with Vision Concerns (click here)









Mother and Child on the Autism Spectrum (click photo)






Man who is a Former Smoker (click photo)









Woman with Respiratory Concerns (click on photo)







Woman with Low Vision Concerns (click photo)










Man with Low Vision Concerns (click photo)






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Ahh-Mazing “AHA!” Discovery for March 2018: Creation of Simple Devices for Great Solutions

Dr. Campbell is available for consultation and is accepting new patients (see his contact information in the first photo above). Please inquire how the WIT Technology may support your own health goals.


Watt-Ahh for All Kids

Pennsylvania State University recently estimated that 20% of U.S. children do not drink water on any given day. The study also found that children that do not drink water consumed more calories, with an estimated 10% of the extra calories coming from sugary drinks. Source: “Kids Beverages: The Shape of Water”, BevNet Magazine, September/October 2019 […]

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What is Polarized Water? Watt-Ahh and DiTetra Gas Explained

DiTetra Gas is a bio-active gas, we call the Fifth State of Water, that has huge implications in boosting mitochondric energy for healing, recovery, immune support against diseases and oxygen delivery for optimum performance. DiTetra Gas is delivered to the body either by drinking Watt-Ahh Polarized Water or breathing from the gas produced by a […]

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Bio-Ghost Gases – Nitric Oxide Gas and DiTetra Gas

What are Bio-Ghost Gases? During this Halloween season, we may think “ghost gases” are part of a dense fog that rolls across an eerie swamp. The term “Bio-Ghost Gases” are those that are discovered by scientists to be essential for our health. It is a different paradigm to consider how we rely on gas absorption […]

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Hydration Respiration III – How to STEM Military Suicides

WIT Technology (DiTetra Gas) used to make the Polarized Water (Watt-Ahh) can assist in Hydration Respiration under extreme hiking at high elevational conditions as well as super dry environments of commercial flights. Another extreme environment is submarine duty in the Navy. Not only are the deep-ocean elevations extreme but the living environment inside the submarine […]

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How to Care for Pets for a Longer and Healthier Life — AHA! Long-Jet Discovery for October of 2019

We all hope for healthy longevity for our dogs and cats. Reaching three decades for either a dog or cat could stretch existing world records. One longevity secret is sharing your Watt-Ahh supply with your beloved pets. It will flush toxins out of kidneys so your cat can enjoy all nine of her lives. It […]

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Flood Your Body with Electrons to Reverse Cellular Damage from 5G and EMF Exposure

Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist Practitioner (FDN-P) Wendy Myers, who is the founder of the Myers Detox Center and Supplement Store located in Los Angeles, CA., recently identified drinking Watt-Ahh as one of her top four tips for reversing EMF damage. Wendy has an impressive You Tube Channel with over 460 podcasts and more than 26,000 subscribers. […]

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Pulmonary Failure Due to Both Combustible and Vaporable Devices

The Center of Disease Control (CDC) recently initiated an investigation to determine whether or not there is a connection between use of vape devices and persons experiencing lung function failure. Aerosols emitted from both vaporable and combustible devices also could endanger the health of persons nearby. The patented WIT Technology if available in hospitals treating […]

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Hydration Respiration II – Hazards of In-Flight Dehydration

WIT Technology used to make Watt-Ahh can assist in Hydration Respiration under extreme elevational conditions. This chapter focuses on in-flight dehydration risk to both commercial pilots and their passengers. Breathing dry cabin air with reduced oxygen and desert-like low humidity, causes considerable water loss in respiration. A 1-2% decrease in total body water content can […]

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Skipping Stones Throughout the Body – Kidney Stones and More

Calcium oxalate crystals not only form kidney stones but can also accumulate in other parts of the body. Oxalates are present in both vegetables and fruits and also byproducts of molds in our body (e.g., Candida). Besides kidney stones, high oxalates can cause more health issues within other organs of the body causing heart abnormalities, […]

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