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Healing Requires Energy

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AquaNew holds the exclusive world-wide license to manufacture non-medical consumable products using Polarized Water. Polarized Water is made by infusing Dioxytetrahydride Gas (a special 100% water-based gas under the U.S. registered Trademark of DiTetra Gas®) into ultra pure water. For more information on the patented WIT Technology, licensing of machines and testimonials on breathing the Gas, visit WaterIonTechnologies.com.

Earth’s Thunderstorm in a Bottle

Thunderstorms replenish the Earth with electrons (negative charges) that support life’s critical balance. Imagine capturing a thunderstorm in a bottle for ultimate health and energy.

We are energy and health geeks who discovered Nature’s restorative energy drink. AquaNew’s Watt-Ahh® is the bold side of water. The crystalline-like structure of Watt-Ahh® contains a reservoir of electrons to defend against oxidative stress, premature aging and inflammation.

What also surprised us is that Watt-Ahh® is refreshing, great tasting water. There are no sugars, caffeine or other additives. Watt-Ahh® is pure water – the way Nature intended.

Watt-Ahh®Capture the Imagination of Potential, and the Mind and Heart will Follow.

Defense Against Oxidative Stress

It is difficult to unplug from our hectic world. We are exposed to unhealthy positive charges everyday – such as those we receive from cell phones, computers, air pollution and even the secondary effects of certain foods and prescribed drugs we consume.

These can contribute to an imbalance within the body, what we call Oxidative Stress. Oxidative Stress is the source of inflammation, premature aging and disease. Negative charges or electrons offset these adverse effects.

It is no coincidence that the central theme of AquaNew’s Watt-Ahh® is lightning, which is one of Nature’s generators of electrons – to restore and revive the World. The unique stable structure of ultra-pure Watt-Ahh® is rich in electrons that can minimize the adverse effects of Oxidative Stress.

Watt-Ahh®Discover Your Electromagnetic Side for Better Health and Energy

Natural Energy for Smart Brains

Watt-Ahh® has no comparison in the functional beverage world. AquaNew has discovered a new water purification process which allows our bodies to more readily absorb water into cells, resulting in complete hydration, detoxification, cellular communication, and support of the mitochondria (which maintain our own healing and immune systems).

Mitochondria are the powerhouses within our cells that generate true natural energy. The mind can be tricked into feeling less fatigue for a short time when someone consumes a beverage with a high amount of caffeine that crosses the blood brain barrier.

What we mean by "natural energy" is that Watt-Ahh® supports the mighty mitochondria within the cells for true innate energy. It re-energizes without the side effects of caffeine and sugar withdrawals.

Watt-Ahh®Natural Energy for Smart Brains


All of us desire to live healthy and active lives. As we age, the number one enemy is inflammation. We call it InflammAGING when the body’s natural ability to heal is blocked by a buildup of toxins and proteins on the nerve endings. Once inflammation is reduced, normal blood flow, joint movement, and organ function are restored and pain is alleviated. Our skin is also a barometer of good health. When inflammation is reduced; hydrated skin becomes smoother and more radiant.

Our novel way of restructuring ultra-pure water makes the most beneficial form of hydrogen and oxygen accessible for our bodies to absorb, either by drinking or cleansing with the Water to promote optimum skin beauty. Doctors recommend post-treatment Watt-Ahh® hydration regimen for fat ablation therapies. Watt-Ahh® provides rejuvenation with superior hydration, detoxification, and energy, and reduces premature aging caused by inflammation.

Watt-Ahh®Unlock Your Body’s Natural Healing Ability

Alleviate Discomfort

We confess to be Energy and Health Geeks! However, we have learned the most about the restorative benefits of Watt-Ahh® from our customers and professionals in healthcare. We encourage you to visit both the Testimonials and the Studies links.

We welcome you to our website, which contains science, customer testimonials, frequently asked questions (FAQ), the blog, and a shopping cart for Watt-Ahh®. We appreciate your time in visiting this website and pursuing good health choices. For the most current information about the Watt-Ahh® Subscribe to our Free Weekly E-newsletter.

We are grateful to our customers who have discovered many great uses for Watt-Ahh® which we have added to this website. If the AquaNew Team can be of any assistance, please contact us at 1-888-936-2782 (Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (ET); closed on weekends and National holidays) or inquiries@AquaNew.com. After hours, you may call 1-863-332-2782 to leave a Google voice message and we will try to return your phone call the next business day.

Our normal office hours are Monday–Friday, from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. (ET), closed on weekends and National holidays. If we are unavailable to answer your call, our voicemail will pick up after the 5th ring. In order to better serve you, please leave your name, phone number and email address for general inquiries. If you are re–ordering Watt-Ahh®, please also specify the number of cases or packs of either ½–liter (16.9 oz.) bottles or 1–liter (33.8 oz.) bottles you wish to purchase. We will confirm your order either by phone or email.

Watt-Ahh® is available in ½–liter and 1–liter bottles. The retail pricing below does not include shipping cost (FOB Sarasota, FL.)

  • Full pack or case of 24 ½–liter (16.9 oz.) bottles is $44/case.
  • Full pack or case of 12 1–liter (33.8 oz.) bottles is $34/case.
  • Please inquire about pallets (plus freight shipping cost).
  • We also sell wholesale to  other businesses  that resale Watt-Ahh to their customers.
  • Prices vary at retail stores due to freight and handling costs.

Packs or Cases of 24 ½–liter bottles and 12 1–liter bottles can be ordered and shipped from our online store. You may also call 1–888–936–2782 and we will be glad to take your order over the phone.

Multiple cases of bottles (12– one liter bottles or 24–half liter (16.9 oz.) bottles cases) can be shipped as freight on a pallet and are available to order. We ship to our customers full pallets of ½ and 1– liter bottles within the continental USA (or to an exporter located within the continental USA). For the liter-bottle size, a full pallet contains 56 cases or 672 bottles and weighs 1,800 lbs. (dimensions are 40'' x 48'' x 54'' height). Typically, the total cost with freight shipping is around $2,000.00 (lower if delivery goes to a loading dock). The discounted per cost price of a bottle plus freight shipping from Florida usually comes in close to retail pricing without the UPS ground shipping cost. For a pallet quote, please send the following information to inquiries@aquanew.com: delivery zip code, whether the delivery site is commercial or residential and whether or not there is a loading dock.

The AquaNew Fulfillment Center located in eastern Sarasota, FL. is open by appointment for pre-paid pickup of Watt-Ahh®. No cash or other forms of payment will be accepted at the Fulfillment Center. More information here.

To place an order, or to enquire about wholesale pricing, by becoming a vendor, please call 1–888–936–2782.

Healing Requires Energy- a New Video from Dr. Walter Campbell, DAOM, Physicians of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr. Campbell operates a licensed WIT Machine in his clinic which complements other therapies used on this patient. (Hollywood, FL; Feb.16, 2018)



More Science

More advanced scientific information on our discovery of DiTetra Gas® (a.k.a. Dioxytetrahydride Gas and SG Gas), the special active gaseous form of water that is infused into ultra pure water to make the Polarized nature of Watt-Ahh®, is found by visiting WaterIonTechnologies.com.

Common Good

The support of our Watt-Ahh® customers has made it possible for AquaNew to give back to the Community. Please visit this link for more information.

All products, written information, testimonials and other statements provided on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For all health concerns, please consult with an appropriate licensed healthcare practitioner.

For informational purposes only, products, services and research performed by other businesses, organizations and individuals may be referenced on this website from time to time and are not necessarily endorsed by either AquaNew, LLC or its corporate officers.

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