AquaNew Angel Investor — John Thomas

April 29, 2023 — Angel Investors (and of course, an inventor’s own family members) are among the first ones to see the potential of revolutionary products created by inventors. John Thomas and his wife, Nancy, met Inventor Rob Gourley over ten years ago while loading into their vehicle a full pallet of Watt-Ahh at our former storage units located in Sarasota, FL. Rob’s enthusiasm was contagious and the Thomas’ decided to invest into AquaNew.

Sadly, John passed last Easter (April 9, 2023), leaving behind his loving family of Nancy, their three sons and six grandchildren.

John had a gentle demeanor and listened intently to learn from others. When he spoke, everyone listened. On their last visit to the AquaNew office a couple of years ago, John brought a hand-hewn walking stick with a bear head that he carved as a special gift for Rob (see photos  below). This prized walking stick is lovingly on display in the AquaNew office. It is a symbol of John’s love for the outdoors, countless days of hiking the White Mountains and teaching Boy Scouts the way of the woods as a Scoutmaster. The photo above shared by his family, also showed John’s love of adventure on the water.

John served in the U.S. Army and later was a professional carpenter, honing craftsmanship skills in building a log cabin in Vermont which was his and Nancy’s lifelong dream. John supported Nancy in her craniosacral therapy business in Randolph, Ma.

Several times each year, Nancy and John traveled from New England to spend time with their Florida grandchildren. Rob and I also know one of his son, Ryan, who works for an entertainment group that books events for retired big leaguers and baseball professionals. The Thomas’ always make sure to have a supply of Watt-Ahh in their respective homes.

John was a huge advocate for the health potential of Watt-Ahh (and Nancy too). John with his kind and humble wisdom will be sorely missed.