Gooey Lube of Life – AHA! Detox Discovery for July 2024

May 23, 2023 — In his workshop, Rob uses WD-40 to lubricate, degrease and dewater so he can twist off tight fittings while servicing his WIT Machines. Question: What tissue allows our own muscles to glide for full body movement? Hints: It is a pervasive tissue throughout all of the organs (both inside and covering the outside), tendons, ligaments and nerves of our entire body, usually in a tubular netlike form, looking like super-thin cellophane. This lubricating tissue consisting of mainly water with some collagen is certainly not the same as WD-40. But it is pliable while being collectively firm enough to hold our entire body shape and can stretch in all directions with every movement of our body. Did you guess fascia?

Push and pull of our muscles during exercise can squeeze out water into the fascia to support its vital hydration. Movement throughout the day will keep the fascia stretched for smooth, less-painful gliding of the muscles and joints. Additionally if overworked, it is hard to distinguish the source of the pain between either a muscle pull or from a torn fascia since the latter also wraps around nerve cells. Different from muscle pain, movement can actually lessen fascia-related pain. It may take six weeks or more for the fascia recover. Being connected to the lymphatic system, fascia is important for maintaining the immunity strength of the body. Finally, scientists theorize the structured water in fascia stores our memories.

Fascia is the gooey lube of our lives as shown in this video. It is fascinating to see magnification of fascia that are pulled to divide into more gooey strands.

Fascia Energy

The structured water, actually multiple layers of hyaluronan liquid, in fascia can discharge energy into muscles. If not sufficiently hydrated, fascia can hold toxins, leading to painful inflammation and can become a source of future diseases in the body.

How to Make Fascia Hum

Some recommendations in helping to make the fascia more pliable and get the fascia to release toxins, are as follows:

Hydration:  Of course, we think the best way is to hydrate the fascia by drinking structured water Watt-Ahh.

Exercise: After my morning jogs, I like to gently “karate” chop with the outside edge of my hand up and down my arms and legs to stimulate the fascia.

Peptides and Collagen Powder: Add a spoonful to your morning Watt-Ahh drink.

Take a Fascia Break: After sitting at the computer for a while, stand up and stretch on occasion.

Pulsed Electromagnetic (Scaler, PEM or Spooky II), VUV Light (Mira Mate) or Electrical Muscle Stimulation (a tens unit): These devices and more will stimulate and transport energy from the fascia to the skin and muscle. When I apply our Mira Mate device to Rob’s surface of his skin and lightly touch with my fingers near the grounding patch, I feel a buzzy sensation so I know his fascia is humming with energy.

Vibrotactile Technology Patches: I wear a combination of three Super Patches on pain points each day.

Finally, hydrated and energized fascia are critical for sustaining its multi-uses … fascia is after all the “WD-40” gooey lube of life!

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