Chicken Health

We have at least two customers who raise chickens in their backyards, and they shared some wonderful stories. One also gave us a dozen beautiful eggs from her laying chickens that drink the Polarized Water (shown in the photo).

Story One: We understand that chickens can be susceptible to toxin exposure and will stop eating food and drinking water and eventually die … so sad. The owner decided this was not going to happen again when she found another ailing chicken laying on the ground. She caught the chicken and tipped its beak into a bowl of Polarized Water to make the chicken drink several times a day. After a couple of days of this treatment, the chicken recovered and she can no longer identify the formerly ailing chicken among the rest of her flock.

Story Two: Another customer decided to apply a vapor of the Polarized Water while the eggs were incubating. She observed hatching days earlier. The chicks seemed to develop faster including an earlier confident behavior when interacting with grown chickens in the barnyard. She also told us that these chickens “nailed” the landing on the perch on the first try, while other young chickens typically need a few practice runs.

We wonder if chicken farmers, including those raising free-ranging chickens, would be interested in learning more about these stories?