Dr. Zach Bush MD’s Journey of Intrinsic Health and True Hydration

August 23, 2022 — Almost ten years ago, AquaNew sponsored a medical summit in Sarasota, FL. Zach Bush, MD (or “Dr. Zach” herein) was the keynote speaker. Some of our Watt-Ahh customers will recall attending the summit along with 80 attendees who have diverse careers and experiences including health practitioners,  medical doctors, research PhDs (in wound healing, nutrition and chemistry), health diagnostic consultants (including energy specialists, manufacturers of hospital devices and health-oriented consumable products), professional athletes and trainers, holistic healers, our patent attorney, chefs, holistic authors and several of Dr. Zach’s patients and research team members including William Vitalis.

We have followed the evolution of Dr. Zach’s medical career with his grace, encouragement and insights shared on numerous podcasts. Not only is he a brilliant physician specializing in internal medicine, endocrinology and hospice care, he is also a globetrotting international speaker on many diverse fronts concerning Earth’s health challenges that can directly impact our own gut biota. His team is also involved in a regenerative fuel-from-waste venture.

Dr. Zach offers a transformational and immersive online course and community experience called The Journey of Intrinsic Health that includes group or one-on-one coaching from his leading coaches. His virtual health experience is open for one final cohort, the last session of the year and  the deadline for registering is Friday, September 2, 2022. More information including a discount offer is provided below.

Dr. Zach’s Insights on True Hydration (Series Entitled “Flow”)

Dr. Zach shares his protocols and philosophy to help others unlock their own discovery on the intrinsic ability to heal. True cellular hydration or when the body is in its most hydrated state is one of the major topics of the course series they call “Flow” or “Hydration 101 with Dr. Bush: Sneak Peak into Journey to Intrinsic Health”. Dr. Zach goes deep into all things hydration and much more. To achieve the most hydrated state, Watt-Ahh is identified in the course materials (see photo above) with the following statement: “Add Watt-Ahh to your daily hydration routine to support mitochondrial health, cellular energy, and detoxification” (refer to 9th Page on “How to Hydrate”).

How to Sign Up for the Course

Get ready to transform the way you think about health. There are limited spaces available for the eight-week Journey of Intrinsic Health course and the deadline is fast approaching (Friday, September 2, 2022). Here’s what you get when you purchase The Journey of Intrinsic Health:

Quarterly LIVE Q&A sessions with Zach Bush, MD.

Expert coaching to support you (group or personalized 1:1 coaching)

Access to over 15 hours of videos where Dr Zach breaks down the foundational points of health, common misconceptions, and the protocols and practices to apply in your life

Access to 5+ hours of supplemental material

1 year membership to The Journey of Intrinsic Health’s global community and course content

The “Journey Gift Box”: A curated collection of gifts to bring these new health rituals into your life. Shipped to your doorstep. *US Only, Ultimate Immersion Only

Hurry, There is a Discount for AquaNew Customers: If you’re ready to take the plunge and join Dr. Zach’s last course session of 2022, use code FLOW50 for $50 off either coaching experience HERE (offer expires Sept 2nd). Cheers to your most hydrated self!