New Health Testimonial – Watt-Ahh for Energy and Healing

Dear AquaNew Team–

I could never thank you enough for this amazing water.  My friend was such a dear to ask me to try it for at least 6weeks.  I was faithful and as I told you both, it really helped me!  I felt so very much better and had so much energy.  My husband is amazed at the difference in me.  Since I have MS, Lupus, low thyroid and low blood sugar, I am usually without energy.  I now go all day and even enjoy going to dinner in the evening.  I might rest for an hour during the day, but before the water, I was in bed most of the day.  That is a big difference!  I did nothing different other than the water.

I have had my big toe nail removed last week.  Not a pretty sight and painful.  I have been spritzing it with your water and it is healing very quickly.   A.C. of Florida *This customer has offered to tell her experience to others that she might help.  If interested, please send an inquiry with your email contact information, and we will  forward to her.
Watt-Ahh® – Natural Energy for Smart Brains