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by Dana Gourley on February 13, 2020

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We have come to realize there are blockades on sharing virus information. The worldwide focus seems to be on quarantine and vaccine research. What else can we do to protect ourselves and our families?

During these confusing and stressful times, we admire the bravery of Wendy Myers, Founder of Myers Detox Center located in California. She tried earlier this week, to launch a live call-in podcast to share information on the coronavirus. For unknown reasons, her live call-in at the last minute was disallowed. She remains undaunted in her lifetime pursuit of helping others make better health choices. Wendy graciously offers to anyone interested in a free checklist on how to protect against the coronavirus.

Last month, Wendy interviewed AquaNew Inventor, Rob Gourley and it was one of her most successful podcasts with over 6,000 views. The link to this interview as well as other relevant podcasts are provided below.

Correct the Charge in Your Body

Wendy’s checklist offers many recommendations on how to protect against virus exposure and recovery including the topic on correcting the charge in your body. She provides the following:

“Humans must be grounded, or negatively charged, for all systems in the body to work correctly. To create an environment that will put up resistance to a virus, you must increase your exposure to negative ions.”

Wendy continues … “Along the same lines, there are several ways to combat the positive charge on your body caused by EMFs. By flooding your body with negative ions, this creates the required negative charge in your body for proper functioning of all systems, including immunity.

One of the most effective ways to introduce negative ions into your body is through a supercharged polarized water called Watt-Ahh. Watt-ahh is not your typical water; it works by imparting a pure negative ion charge on your body due to its high levels of electrons.

Watt-Ahh contains a gas that consists of the 5th phase of water infused into purified water.

What truly sets Watt-Ahh apart from other types of high-quality water is that it also imparts antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity. Taken together with its negative ion quality, this water should be a crucial part of your defense against the coronavirus.”

Natural Intelligence Against Viruses

Quarantine and vaccines should not become our only arsenals against viruses. Novel innovations allowed to be proven effective both in prevention and recovery of pneumonia symptoms need to be part of the worldwide anti-viral/anti-disease strategy.

On January 23, 2020 (during the earlier outbreak of coronavirus), we posted this on AquaNew’s Facebook Page … “The Wuhan, China coronavirus started with a currently unknown animal and has spread to humans. Virologist Leo Poon (School of Public Health at The University of Hong Kong) stated … ‘What we know is it causes pneumonia and then doesn’t respond to antibiotic treatment …’

We continued in this Facebook post … “Our hope is plasma-like DiTetra Gas, the Fifth State of Water, will have a major worldwide role in respiratory recovery in cases when antibiotic treatment fails. More information on WIT Machines that generate DiTetra Gas can be found here. DiTetra Gas is also infused into ultra-pure water to make Watt-Ahh bottled water”.

Additional Links and Information:

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