Surplus Mitochondria Energy for Healing – AHA! Mitochondric Life Discovery for February of 2020

Energy generated by cellular mitochondria is essential for life … physical movement and circulation, cognitive thought, and reproduction. Approximately 60% of our daily energy is allocated to the digestion of food including the production of saliva, enzymes and digestive juices. Our brain functions can use up to 20% of the available energy produced by our bodies. Another 15% of the available energy can be used for muscle movement. Basically, all of the daily mitochondria energy is allocated leaving nominal energy (or none) for healing.

The energy allocation can become imbalanced when we eat nutrient-poor foods or foods that may require more basal metabolism energy to digest (e.g., high-fat foods*). Indigestion may also cause an energy deficit such that more energy is being expended for digestion, and one of the possible symptoms is that we feel fatigue. The lack of surplus energy due to other stresses in our lives, such as either endurance exercising or illness, could be one of the base reasons why it takes longer to recover from a cold or wounds seem to heal slower. Without energy, full healing can be delayed.

One of the reasons that the body stores fat is to convert to energy when needed. Assuming mitochondria are optimally functioning to convert the stored fatty acids, any daily energy deficits may be overcome to provide more energy for healing.

Our January 2020 AHA! Mitochondric Life Discovery, we focused on the molecular arrangement of hydrogen, oxygen and electrons, similar to that of the Polarized Water, to support production of ATP (mitochondria energy). Drinking the Polarized Water can support the mitochondria in overcoming daily energy deficits with more energy for the body’s intrinsic healing.

What is Mitochondric Life?

In April of 2019, we launched the phrase “Mitochondric Life” to represent our customers’ deep connection to Watt-Ahh … right down to the molecular level. The Polarized Water infused with DiTetra Gas works with the cellular mitochondria in making us feel more balanced, centered and inspired. We all strive to become a better self … more productive, creative and fearless in facing a confusing world. This foundational spark of life comes from mitochondrial energy.

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Live Mitochondric – Drink Watt-Ahh!

* A Watt-Ahh customer (Janis) called on 2/17/20 to discuss the human body’s need for fats in our balanced diets. She used an example of fats in meat. Fats that do not oxidize such as butter is another example. We want to clarify for this blog, we are talking about nutrient-poor/high fat/high sugar foods that the bacteria in our gut can not easily breakdown to support optimum production of mitochondria energy.