Longer Lasting Roses

My husband, Rob, gave me red roses for Valentine’s Day. We enjoyed them longer since the vase was filled with the Polarized Water (Watt-Ahh) and only a few sprinkles of the flower food powder that came with the flowers. The Polarized Water will uptake the nutrients existing in the stem to support the longevity of the blossoms. Drooping stems can be caused by bacteria in the stem that blocks the transport of water to the blossoms. Bent stems is a huge disappointment when it happens to the rose bouquet within a day or two after Valentine’s Day, particularly in warmer Florida.

Our bouquet stayed on our table in Florida (ambient temperature in the mid-70’s) and no direct sunlight. The two photos below shows the first day and the seventh day as a comparison. I neither angle-cut the stems nor replaced the Polarized Water in the vase for the first week. On the eighth day, the water was still clear with some light colored algae on the surface and the water did not smell unpleasant … a musky rosy smell.

Day 1 (Valentine’s Day)








Day 7