The Electric Water that Supercharges your Mitochondria with Oxygen – Dr. Wendy Myers, ND of Myers Detox Interviews AquaNew’s Rob Gourley

September 1, 2023 — Dr. Wendy says it best … “Get ready for an enlightening episode featuring Rob Gourley on the show, a return guest and the mastermind behind the ingenious WIT machine. This remarkable invention is responsible for producing Watt-Ahh, a drinkable water enriched with oxygen, hydrogen, and electrons, heralding the advent of the fifth phase of water … Rob delves into the remarkable benefits of Watt-Ahh, from tales of astonishing recovery, to the ability to oxygenate tissues and even repair nerves. Not only does Watt-Ahh energize, but it also provides an alternative detoxification avenue for cells, helping them eliminate harmful substances. Staying hydrated is so essential for health and longevity, and Watt-Ahh takes it to a whole new level. If you’re interested in finding an easy solution to give your body energy, help it detox, and restore cells, make sure to tune in!”

Video is at this link (for the video, scroll down to Dr. Wendy’s photo and title “Supercharge Your Mitochondria with this Water!”

Transcript of the podcast can be found at this link.

Exciting New — Dr. Wendy’s HEAVY Docuseries

Dr. Wendy has an impressive list of what she calls “Heavies” who are experts in the field of health recovery from exposure to heavy metals and environmental chemicals causing obesity, resistant weight loss, diabetes, fatigue, hormone havoc and brain health issues. Her impressive lineup for the upcoming docuseries includes the list of well-known names in the health field. Dr. Wendy told us that Rob talking about the detox nature of Watt-Ahh qualifies as one of her “Heavies” for the docuseries.

From Dr. Wendy in an email,  June of 2023: “I have interviewed over 80 persons for this event … Other speakers (in addition to Rob) include Dave Asprey, Jeffrey Bland, David Wolfe, Dr. Will Cole, Dr. William Davis, Jeffrey Smith, Chris Kresser, Dr Chris Shade, Dr Jill Carnahan, Dr. Kelly Brogan, Ari Whitten, Dr Tom O’Bryan, Datis Kharazian, Katie Wells, Christa Orecchio, Dr. Alan Christianson, JJ Virgin,  Dr. David Jockers, Patrick Porter (Braintap), Deanna Minnich, Donna Gates, Dr Terry Wahls, and so many more.”  AquaNew’s Rob Gourley too!

Another update from Dr. Wendy in an email, October of 2023: “We have tapped the knowledge base of about 90 of the world’s experts in the first series of its kind. Speakers include Dr. David Perlmutter, Dave Asprey, Chris Kresser, Dr. Jeffrey Bland, David Wolfe,  Dr. Joe Mercola, Dr. Will Cole, Dr. William Davis, Ari Whitten, Dr. Bradley Nelson, Jeffrey Smith, Dr. Chris Shade, Dr. Jill Carnahan, Dr Kelly Brogan, Dr. Tom O’Bryan, Dr. Datis Kharazian, Dr Joe Pizzorno, Katie Wells, Christa Orecchio, Dr. Jay Davidson, Dr. Alan Christianson, Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, JJ Virgin,  Dr. David Jockers, Dr Patrick Porter, Dr. Deanna Minich, Dr. Terry Wahls, Dr. Ben lynch, Ocean Robbins, Dr Keesha Ewers, Harry Massey, Dr Molly Maloof, Dr Marc David, Dr. Wendie Trubow, Dr Stephanie Seneff, Dr. Elena Villaneuva, Dr. Lisa Koche, Dr Simone Laubscher, Dr. Anna Cabeca, Robyn Openshaw, Robby Besner, Dr Stephen Cabral, Warren Phillips, Morley Robbins, Nick Pineault, Erin Elizabeth, Dr. Diane Kazer, Dr. Mariza Snyder, Nathan Crane, Dr. Jack Wolfson, Dr. Russell Jaffe, Dr. Evan Hirsch, Dr Jaban Moore, Eileen Durfee, Dr Jessica Peatross, Donna Gates, Spencer Feldman, Susan Bratton, Dr. Katherine Zagrone, Dr. Felice Gersh, Rachel Varga, Dr. Aumatma Simmons, Dr Siva Mohan, Michael McEvoy, Jacklyn Bowen, Josh Macin, Nadine Artemis, Dr. Marc Sklar, Dr. Bill Mcgraw, Dr. Andrew Campbell, Clark Engelbert, Dr. Aimie Apigian, Dr. Heather Sandison, Brian Vaszily, Dr. Ray Dorsey, Rob Gourley,  John Stuart Reid, Julie Matthews, John White, Leo Symborski and Darren Weissman.

Dr. Wendy continues … “Our panel of experts reveals the exact mechanisms by which toxins are causing so many health issues. We’re providing answers and solutions people may have failed to find in mainstream medicine, natural remedies and common health information. We are going far beyond what conventional, holistic and even most functional medical docs are not fully understanding about the impact of heavy metals and environmental toxins on health.

Dr. Wendy Myers is also a social powerhouse with over 100,000 registrants to her informative e-newsletters. So mark your calendar for the upcoming docuseries!

The HEAVY promotional window is January 30th – February 13th, 2024

Live Event: February 13th – February 23rd, 2024

Replay Weekend: February 24th – February 26th, 2024