A Seasonal Miracle – The Story of Green Fingernail Polish

Manicure. Beauty treatment photo of nice manicured woman fingernails holding red nail polish. Feminine nail art with nice glitter, green and white nail polish

Green fingernail polish can be festive for the holiday season, but it also represents to Rob and me the miracle of sight this season.

Last July, we learned about a patient who receives eye therapies from Dr. Walter “Buck” Campbell, Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She painted her fingernails green to re-train her brain to discern the color of green. This patient and Dr. Buck express optimism in a video that someday she will be driving, seeing all three colors of traffic signals plus having her depth perception and sight distance restored. The patient says on video that she no longer is “living in a cloud of white.”

The back story of this miracle story is Dr. Buck used his proprietary homeopathic drops while at the same time applying drops of the Polarized Water to the eyes of his patient. She experienced immediate results in improved vision while at his clinic that she describes in the video. Dr. Buck called us excitedly, telling us that it was significant (meaning the combination of liquids he used caused an immediate improvement in his patient’s ability to see light). Several months later, Rob and I had the opportunity to visit Dr. Buck at his clinic in North Miami Beach, FL. After the visit, he emailed us on Oct. 24, 2016: “The results have been very good. Having said that, since your visit I am going to try mixing the homeopathic drops with the Polarized Water … I will first try 1/3 Polarized Water with the homeopathic drops … I will keep you advised of my progress.  Thanks for all you do. Dr. Walter Campbell, DAOM.”

We enjoy telling you about this miracle story and wishing all of you Ahh-mazing AHA! Discoveries of your own this holiday season.

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