AquaNew’s Watt-Ahh® Defends against Oxidative Stress

by AquaNew on September 26, 2013

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Part One of a Four-Part Series: Is Earth Susceptible to Oxidative Stress?

Lightning storm and AquaNewOur universe is teeming with positive and negative ions. Life on Earth cannot exist without a delicate balance between these positive and negative charges.

We are providing a four-part series over the coming weeks on Oxidative Stress. The first part of this series explores the transport of negative ions from the atmosphere and beyond as it counters oxidative forces on Earth. The second part focuses on the symptoms of Oxidative Stress (primarily resulting from positive charges) within our own bodies as being the source of inflammation and disease. The third part presents our theory on how Watt-Ahh® has a role in defending the human body against Oxidative Stress. Finally, the fourth part focuses on the central importance of water that is the only molecule that creates the bridge between the physics and biology of our own bodies.

Is Earth Susceptible to Oxidative Stress?

Simply, Oxidative Stress is an imbalance between reactive oxygen and a biological system’s ability to detoxify or repair the resulting damage. A good example of oxidative imbalance is the stripping of negative charges or electrons that result in the appearance of rust on the surface of a metal plate. Our Earth is bombarded by positive charges from pollutants, and balance is restored by natural forces that re-nourish the earth with negative charges. 

Additionally, our bodies are affected by environmental elements that carry a positive charge, such as dust, microbes, computers, cell phones, cigarette smoke and other pollutants. Just like a magnet, our negatively charged bodies attract the positively charged stressors. When the body is bombarded with too many positive ions, it can upset its natural balance, leading to Oxidative Stress. More on that topic will be provided in the upcoming Part Two of this series.

Regeneration of Nature’s Balance

You might have heard about the solar wind –a stream of charged ions flowing from the sun into the ionosphere. Traveling to the atmosphere, these ions are swept toward the North and South poles by the earth’s magnetic field. A chemical conversion occurs to create an array of glowing colors known as an Aurora, while distributing ions toward Earth.

Other spectacular natural wonders deliver negative ions to the earth – plants, soil and oceans – that give energy for life support and regeneration. The air surrounding an ocean surf crashing onto a beach becomes negatively charged, which is one of the reasons why a walk on the beach is therapeutic for you.

Lightning storms are actually considered the best generator of negative ions. It is no coincidence that lightning is the chosen central theme for Watt-Ahh®. It also delivers healthy negative ions to our bodies … but more about that in the upcoming Part Three of this series.

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