What is Superhydration?

According to Wiki, “Superhydration is a ‘health philosophy’ which is based upon consuming a large quantity of water (a gallon or more) per day, for the purpose of detoxification, and with the intent to increase metabolism.” http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_super_hydration#ixzz1XrDDnKCQ

This, in turn provides superhydration for the body, which is generally accepted as beneficial for optimum bodily function.  Proponents agree that the water consumed should be as cold as possible, in order to increase metabolism, as well as for fat burning (since each ounce of 40 degree Fahrenheit water requires approximately 1 calorie to warm it to a core body temperature of 98.6).


Maintaining proper hydration during exercise, or while working outdoors in hot temperatures, is essential not only for good health, but to prevent heat-related conditions and illnesses.  Countless people die each year as a result of “heat stroke,” when the body is unable to cool itself.  When people are rushed to Emergency Rooms with heat-related illnesses, you will find that they are given an IV of fluids immediately, in an effort to preclude organ failure.  This is because it takes the human body up to 2 hours to “process” tap water, or typical bottled waters on the market, as a result of the dissolved solids contained in the water.

Yard work is extremely demanding, especially when clearing debris resulting from tropical storms and hurricanes, and it’s extremely easy for the body to become overheated.  Watt-Ahh®, an AquaNew® Water has unique properties which are unlike any other bottled water on the market.  Because of Watt-Ahh®’s purity level and hydrating properties (based upon a new water technology), it is absorbed immediately on a cellular level, to rehydrate the body fully in minutes.

Athletes have known for many years, the benefits of proper hydration as it relates to performance and endurance.  Now, everyone can benefit from the immediate hydrating (and superhydrating) powers of Watt-Ahh®!  It is a true game-changer for health, and an overall improved quality of life!

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