Connecting the Dots: Electrons in Watt-Ahh®

by AquaNew on November 7, 2013

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AquaNew’s Watt-Ahh® Defends against Oxidative Stress

Part 3 – Connecting the Dots: Electrons in Watt-Ahh®


connecting the dots - electrons and protonsThe first two parts of this four-part series explored the universal forces such as lightning and our own body’s transport of electrons that counter the effects of Oxidative Stress, the source of inflammation and disease.

For this section, we are introducing the novel structural secret of Watt-Ahh®. This structure holds a reservoir of electrons that assist the human body in defending against Oxidative Stress. It is no coincidence that a lightning bolt (a source of electrons) is part of the branding for Watt-Ahh®.

Both electrons (negative ions) and protons (positive ions) are found in the vacuum space inside an atom. We have all heard about black holes in outer space. There are some recent theories that an atom has a mini black hole associated with protons. Electrons travel in and out of the atomic black hole. A proton is over 1,800 times heavier than the mass of an electron. In other words, if an electron were a pencil dot on a sheet of paper, the proton would be about the size of a football.

Watt-Ahh® Has a Reservoir of Electrons

Our current theory on Watt-Ahh® is that the structure is a dioxytetrahydride (a covalent relationship of two oxygens and a tetrahedral arrangement of four hydrogens). This stable structure is fortified to hold electrons. Experimenting with fuel cells, photonic cameras and volt ohm meters, we have observed the discharging spikes of electrons from Watt-Ahh® similar to that of a battery. This is atypical for water. Watt-Ahh® instead has molecular characteristics more similar to that of a crystal structure than liquid.

The high positive ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential) for Watt-Ahh® even remains stable with the introduction of nitrogen gas into the Water under laboratory conditions – further evidence of its reservoir of electrons.

We have educated opinions, becoming stronger each day with continued clinical research, that the novel structure of Watt-Ahh® can assist your own immune system in defending against Oxidative Stress.

In the fourth and final part of this series coming in the near future, we will focus on the central importance of water that is the only molecule that creates the bridge between the physics and biology of our own bodies.

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