Flying In the Face of Traditional Science II – Super-Structured Water Protects and Energizes our DNA

Water molecules (red and light blue dots) following contours of DNA. Credit: Perets and Yan, Yale University, 2017

February 20, 2021: Last March, we talked about our memories being stored in structured water.  It is a departure from traditional science that our brains have memory banks staged in the hippocampus. Many scientists would agree that an electrical change can travel through water but would scoff at Rob Gourley’s proof that structured water such as Watt-Ahh also can hold a charge. But the scoffing from the science community is getting quieter as more scientists are realizing that structured water can hold a charge and is the best “computer” in storing and transmitting knowledge.

Here is another “flying in the face of traditional science” … super-structured water is formed around our DNA. One of our Watt-Ahh customers recently enlighten us about this 2017 scientific discovery that compliments Rob’s research on structured water holding a charge. Scientists developed a method to observe for the first time highly ordered water (with hydrogen bonds neither too weak or too strong) in the grooves of the DNA helix or what they term a “hydration spine”. According to this study, structured water molecules that follow the contours of double helix DNA participate in energy dissipation as well as hydrate the DNA to protect from excess heat and UV photodamage.

This discovery has opened the door to more research on the biological relevance of confined waters at biomolecular surfaces.  This report states … “Moreover, the authors propose that a chiral spine of hydration will be present regardless of DNA sequence, but that a sequence-specific ‘fine structure’ is likely to exist. Future work can be extended to pin down how the formation of the chiral water superstructure relates to nucleotide sequence. The results can potentially shift the paradigm of our current understanding of DNA’s sequence-specific interactions.”

Structured, ordered water is Nature’s ultimate computer chip in retrieving memories and transmittal of DNA expression.