Flying in the Face of Traditional Science – AquaNew’s Inventor Rob Gourley and His Discovery of Electric Charge Storage in Water – AHA! Mitochondric Life Discovery for March of 2020

My husband, Rob Gourley, flies in the face of traditional science … and sometimes I feel like his co-pilot. He can prove that Watt-Ahh structured water that you drink holds a charge like a battery. Many scientists would agree that an electrical change can travel through water but would scoff at the concept that structured water such as Watt-Ahh also can hold a charge. But the scoffing from the science community is getting quieter as more scientists are realizing that structured water can hold a charge and is the best “computer” in storing and transmitting knowledge. As we like to say, Natural Intelligence has the potential to exceed that of Artificial Intelligence.

While listening to podcasts from a recent hydration seminar, I realized that some medical researchers also are flying in the face of traditional science about how our brains retrieve memories. It is a departure from what we have thought that our brains have memory banks staged in the hippocampus. Here is the flying leap … structured water in our brains actually stores the memory.

For the January AHA!, we spotlight the 2-4 life force of the mitochondria similar to Rob’s discovery of Watt-Ahh structured water that stores electrons. The energy held in structured water becomes available for cellular mitochondria to create the fuel needed for the essence of life.

What is Mitochondric Life?

In April of 2019, we launched the phrase “Mitochondric Life” to represent our customers’ deep connection to Watt-Ahh … right down to the molecular level. The Polarized Water infused with DiTetra Gas works with the cellular mitochondria in making us feel more balanced, centered and inspired. We all strive to become a better self … more productive, creative and fearless in facing a confusing world. This foundational spark of life comes from mitochondrial energy.

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