Heal the Brain, Release the Pain – Dr. Deb Cox Wood, PhD, ND (Naturopathic Doctor)

Dr. Deb identifies TBI (traumatic brain injury) and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) as “signature illnesses of our Veterans and First Responders.” She describes herself as a grateful American for their giving of their lives, and she says it is her duty to give back. Dr. Deb is fulfilling her promise with meaningful actions, being an author, helicopter pilot, and founder of the beautiful Renova Center that helps veterans and other clients within the greater Norfolk, VA area. She told us about the new program called Renova Reset, with its primary focus of treating TBI and PTSD. Additionally, Dr. Deb and others recently established the Veteran Wellness Center, which is a healing community. Her heartfelt efforts also go from sea to shining sea by welcoming veterans of Battle Dawgs to retreats held at her Alaskan home.

Dr. Deb is an expert in energy medicine. Back in 2014, she – with her mother as a passenger –  drove overnight from a conference where she first learned about the WIT Technology to Sarasota, FL, and met with Rob Gourley to learn more. The Renova Center, which houses the Veteran Wellness Center of Hampton Roads and FloatNorfolk, has featured Watt-Ahh® for its clients ever since.