How Long Does it Take to Detoxify?

Many people outreach to me, asking “how long does it take to detoxify my body?” ~ and unfortunately there is no set time frame, as everyone is exposed to different levels of toxicity, based upon their work and home environments, their diet and exercise routines, and the volume of water that they drink.  Regardless of how “clean” you live, the fact remains that we live in a toxic environment, and we are all exposed to chemicals which we ingest through our skin, our lungs, and in the foods and beverages we consume.  *(See Press Release of July 26, 2010).

In simple terms, our bodies have only so many enzymes (which work to purge/flush chemicals and toxins), however,  new and synthetic chemicals that are being ingested daily, which our bodies are unable to cleanse.  Further, most bottled waters contain “dissolved solids” which prevent the water from penetrating at a cellular level;  (similar to someone trying to get through a small doorway while carrying several suitcases!)

In order to maintain optimum health (including detoxification), it is essential to maintain proper hydration.  The FDA and CDC recommend that people drink one-half of their body weight in ounces of water daily!  You simply get on the scale, get your weight and divide by 2, and this is the volume of water that your body needs every single day!  It is also recommended that you ingest the purest water possible, to aid in detoxification.  For more information, please see our Reading Recommendations.*  We want everyone to have the best quality of life possible, and Watt-Ahh

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