Great Suggestion for keeping Watt-Ahh® Cool in Florida Weather

One of AquaNew’s favorite customers (and a local business owner), sent in a great suggestion for those trying to beat the heat in Florida!

Hi Melinda,
Just a question for you.  Do you ever freeze the small bottles of
Watt-ahh®?  I pour a little
out of the top of a bottle, and freeze it overnight.  Then I carry it with me if
I know I’m going to be out in the heat, and I sip on it all day.  Love it!
Keeps me cool and refreshed all day, as I’m one of those people who can’t stand
the heat and humidity like today.  And I’m proud to carry my WATT-AHH®!!!!!!!  Sue in Sarasota

Thanks, Sue! (*The 16.9oz bottles also pack nicely in suitcases, when traveling)