Hurricane Michael Recovery – McLure Oil Dispatchers

by AquaNew on October 22, 2018

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Janie McLure is the owner of McLure Oil Company.  She currently has approximately 35 fuel tankers and employees stationed at the closed Panama City Airport to fill utility repair trucks.

Last Friday, she carried in her RV over 30 cases of donated Watt-Ahh bottles when they traveled from Venice, FL. to the Florida Panhandle. Janie grew up near Mexico Beach which was an epicenter of Hurricane Michael’s Cat. 4 coastal landfall. Janie told us that small non-coastal towns such as Chipley and Marianna which their stories have appeared less in the news, were also devastated. She told us about the farms that were hit hard and she saw cotton balls from this year’s crop scattered across the fields and broken pecan trees.

Janie said the recovery operations were massive with thousands of utility and food trucks stationed at the closed Panama City Airport. She said they followed in their RV, a “battalion” of utility trucks into the airport complex to get a fuel fill-up before being dispatched out again for power line repairs. Janie told us that they were fortunate to find their key guy. Her employees were impressed that “boss lady” had come to see if they were o.k. and confirmed they had good access to food and water. They appreciated hearing from Janie about the therapeutic water that is good for aching joints and inflammation and can give them some refreshing energy.

Janie told us that some of her employees are mature and serving the huge number of utility trucks during long hot days and sleepless nights (some only getting shut-eye time in their trucks due to lack of motel accommodations), currently for more than a week, can take their toll.

The rest of the Water was also donated to the base camp at Mexico Beach, Fl.

Thank you, Janie, for distributing Watt-Ahh to where it can help and for your crew who have a major role in the recovery of both the coastal and inland areas of the Florida Panhandle.

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