WIT Machine at Revive Sarasota

April 30, 2024 — Carolyn Hendler and Dr. Alex Smithers now offer therapies using a WIT Machine by appointment located at their clinic  in the Pen West Park campus near the Fruitville Road and North Tuttle Avenue intersection in Downtown Sarasota, FL. (address: 2805 Fruitville Road, Ste. 250, Sarasota, FL.  34237 located west of Dodge Avenue, phone #941-289-0236 or email Carolyn Hendler at info.revivesarasota@gmail.com). It is great to have our hometown offer a WIT Machine that is convenient for our SW Florida Region customers plus many visitors – both domestic and international — who vacation in beautiful Sarasota, FL.

Revive Sarasota offers state-of-the-art therapies including red light and sauna therapies. The website announces availability of the WIT Machine as follows: “We are one of only a few wellness centers world-wide to offer WIT Therapy, and the only one on the West coast of Florida to offer this innovative life-changing treatment.” And continues… “The WIT machine uses polarized water to heal from within. It has had great success treating neurological disorders, mitochondrial dysfunction, eye disorders such as macular degeneration and brain injury.”

Revive Wellness Center is committed to helping others achieve optimal health and well-being. All are welcome, whether recovering from illness, wanting to alleviate pain, looking to de-stress, or wanting to lose those last ten pounds.

The photo above shows the WIT Machine at Revive Sarasota. In the photo below, Carolyn Hendler is sporting the modified swim goggles. DiTetra Gas from the WIT Machine is transported by cannula tube inserted into goggles to infuse into the eyes for therapeutic healing (like a cool breeze). It is a peaceful, pleasant experience to stretch out on their massage bed to enjoy the WIT therapy.

About Dr. Alexander Smithers, MD and A.P. Dr. Smithers is a native of Sarasota, FL. He has a special skill of regenerative therapies in the field of medicine. Although traditionally certified in medicine, he leans towards the new physics as confirmed in ancient traditions, to bring proper balance in the body for true healing. Dr. Smithers practices solely under his Oriental Medicine license. He does not prescribe pharmaceutical medicine since his is not licensed as a MD in the State of Florida.