I Can Not Live Without My Watt-Ahh

January 28, 2021—Katherine Jouan of Simply Organix is a “lighthouse” for immunity products … years before the COVID-19 pandemic. She has greeted at her farmers’ market booth hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the World who come to Sarasota, FL. to enjoy the sunshine and healthy living.

Katherine’s customers patiently wait in the long line in front of her booth. She sells micro-greens, sprouts, and wheatgrass grown on her local farm and serves each customer ala carte by either blending or extracting the nutrients into energy shots.

Through the years, Katherine and Sue Drummer, another “immunity lighthouse” member of the One Stop Coop located in Englewood, Fl., have experimented with immunity products including combinations of juices and a kefir made with Watt-Ahh. Katherine told us about her newest cottage product that has had a sensationally-positive reaction from her customers. It is Watt-Ahh with mixed in Rooibos powder.

Katherine’s recent Facebook post that introduces her newest super-charged hydration combination is provided below:

“I want to share with you two products that I find to be extremely important when it comes to my top self-care priority of HYDRATION!!! Both products were born in Sarasota and I have tried to live without them, but find that especially when combined, they make a noticeable difference in the way that I feel as I move through the day.

The first is a bottled water called Watt-Ahh (from AquaNew). Why have I tried to live without this? Because it is in a plastic bottle. However, this is not an ordinary plastic bottle. It is made of medical grade plastic that is absent of PBA’s and does not break down toxins into its contents if it gets too warm. These sturdy bottles can be reused and, of course, recycled. The couple that owns this company are extremely intelligent, compassionate, and committed to what they do! I encourage you to go to their website (https://aquanew.com/) to learn in-depth the reasons why I choose to make this part of my regime. I use it both internally and externally! This is not ordinary water. It has been purified many times over and polarized causing it to contain an abundance of electrons to defend against oxidative stress, premature aging, and inflammation. I have used this on cuts and abrasions and cannot believe how fast they heal! You can get Watt-Ahh from their website, from the One stop co-op in Englewood or check their website for stores around Sarasota.”

Katherine continues … “The second is RedJoe, 100% South African Red Bush (Rooibos) in powdered form. Rooibos contains a wide array of micronutrients and holds the same antioxidant profile as green and black tea minus the caffeine, tannins and tannic acid. When I add this product to my Watt-Ahh, not only does it blend beautifully, it apparently oxygenates the water because a beautiful head appears and the taste and texture of the two together forms a party in your mouth:))!!! Your body will feel the difference for sure. If you are feeling sluggish, you will begin to feel energized yet calm. I assure you, this is hydration in its highest form!”

Katherine told us that each customer receives a new bottle of Watt-Ahh to uncap and sip some to make space in the bottle to add the powdered Rooibos mix. They recap the bottle and lightly shake the contents into Watt-Ahh before walking around the rest of the farmers’ market.  It is definitely Pow-Ahh Immunity-on-the-Go!