Inspiration – The Ahh-mazing “AHA” Discovery

ahamomente.215We do not know how revelation happens – that special “AHA” Discovery that all of us have ahamomentb.215experienced in our own lives. Perhaps beauty in nature or a classic painting can be the catalyst to open our creative minds.

The evening with keynote speaker and Iconic Product Designer, Walter Herbst, along with an intuitive and enthusiastic group held at the Charles Ringling Mansion on the New College of Florida Campus earlier this month, was a revelation: We need to continue the creativity conversation. After all, discovering the polarity of water is a revelation in itself.

Walter is an observer and commercial wizard ranging between designing a self-stirring fry pan and easy-grip tools used by orthopedic surgeons. Who knew that the “goo” during a knee surgery made the tools slippery, and when a tool hits the floor, the operation stops to wait on sanitation? Then, the anesthesiologist must keep the patient alive for an extra eleven minutes. Walter observed this problem while watching a knee surgery himself. He calls the easy-grip operation tools his game changer.

ahamomentc.215Walter seeks young engineers in his creative design business, those who do not “know a physics text book.” These are folks who can see, hear or feel something and realize a revelation. Sometimes, it comes in mysterious ways and also from others. Walter told his audience about working on a crazy idea of a drop line with a fishing reel for months, ultimately called the Pocket Fisherman. He took the device to the client, and told him this idea was silly, and not to try and market it since no fisherman will buy it. His client said, “No, it is a Gift!” The rest is epic merchandising history and a great example of being open to others in their inspiration in order to reach our own revelation.

Share Your Ahh-mazing “AHA” Discovery!
So, we decided to carry this experience through 2015 by offering our customers the opportunity to share their Ahh-mazing “AHA” Discovery by highlighting at least one of those stories each month in AquaNew’s e-newsletter. This month (February), we spotlight Walter Herbst and those of BIZ941 (including Kelley, Keith and Regina) who made the inspiring evening possible for so many.

Please email your Ahh-mazing “AHA” Discovery to This can be any idea or endeavor that may help others in their own revelation or better quality of life. Alternatively, want to nominate someone with special skills of creativity and innovation? Let us know!   

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