Longboat Key Resident Arlene McKitrick Wins Her 200th Golf Tournament – A Professional and Amateur Golfing Record

by AquaNew on October 2, 2014

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arlene mckitrickWhen Arlene McKitrick became a competitive golfer in 1990 it was right after she was diagnosed with severe Type 1 Diabetes. Down to 86 lbs. with a temporary loss in vision, she told us she “wanted to live long enough to win a tournament.” Now, 24 years later, with the encouragement of world-renowned golf instructor, David Leadbetter, that single win became 200. This past September, McKitrick won her 200
th golf championship on Sara Bay Country Club’s challenging Donald Ross course during the FSGA (Florida State Golf Association) tournament.

“I’m little [She’s only 5’3” tall.], so when people first see me, they think I’m a cream puff. But once they hear my name they say, ‘Oh, that’s Arlene McKitrick. They call her the Terminator!’”

It seems that golf is the only place where McKitrick has that killer spirit. In other areas of her life she is a gentle and joyful soul whose personal philosophy is “an attitude of gratitude,” and she frequently advises friends to, “Dream big. Believe big, and achieve BIG!” She credits the power of the mind as her secret to great success – think positive and great things will happen for you.
As part of her positive living, she told us that she and her husband, John, have been drinking Watt-Ahh® for the past three years. A friend recommended the AquaNew Water to her because John has a neurological condition, and they were encouraged by the testimonials from others who drink the Water regularly. She also drinks Watt-Ahh® in conjunction with a micro-impact platform device she uses for detox, mental alertness, hydration, cellular regeneration, and relief from joint pain. McKitrick told us that she never hits the course without a bottle of Watt-Ahh® in tow.

McKitrick turns 68 this month and tells us, “I never worry about my age. Age is not a deterrent. I want to keep learning and growing every day.” When asked if she plans to continue competing, she answered, with a smile, “Maybe just one more (and, maybe one more after that).” 

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