OZA Essentials Co. in Venice Fl. Sells Watt-Ahh

April of 2021. Some years ago, Rob and I visited Zuzana Shaw’s household in Venice, FL. It bustled with activity from those bringing in the best in health foods and therapies to help save Gordon (AG), her beloved husband’s life. Gordon used the WIT Machine installed in his bedroom for a couple of years as prescribed by Dr. John Monhollon. Zuzana also made sure he drank Watt-Ahh. AG was able to have some recovery and he again enjoyed limited activities including swimming and traveling back to their home in Canada. Sadly, AG has since passed.

Zuzana and her daughter, Lucie, have integrated the memory of AG, learned techniques through his caregiving including those of Zuzana’s homeland of the Czech Republic into their local businesses. Their newest exciting one, OZA Essentials Co., is a store located in downtown Venice, FL.

OZA Essentials Co., 109 W. Tampa Ave., Venice FL 34285, (941) 786-5033, www.ozaessentials.com

More About OZA Essentials Co.

The mission of OZA Essentials Co. stated on its website reads in part … “Making healthier choices in some basic essentials can be as simple as the water we choose to drink…” OZA sells Watt-Ahh bottled water along with local essential oils, coffee and honey in their attractive gift store. OZA also offers essential wellness therapies including ionic food detox, LED light and Rife machine frequencies.

Stop in to say hi to Zuzana, Lucia, Fanda and Trish.

OZA’s Information on Watt-Ahh

Buy Watt-Ahh at OZA Essentials Co.

More About Gordon Shaw

Fanda shared on his Facebook Page (April 24, 2021) the following: “Gordon Shaw thanks to Wit machine and Watt-Ahh improved his health significantly. Thank you
www.ozaessentials.com” . He also posted these photos below: