Periodontal Health

August 12, 2023 – Several periodontist in the Sarasota, FL. area recommend to their patients to drink Watt-Ahh before and after a periodontal procedure. The mouth is a hotbed of adverse bacteria that can cause infections in the jaw from opening the gums. The patient can experience excruciating pain and antibiotics are not always successful in fighting the infection.

Many of us have had our wisdom teeth extracted. Through the years, I somehow escaped extraction of my wisdom teeth and maybe it is from my dentist grandfather who had me wearing a retainer before I started elementary school. The dentist routinely tells me that I have lots of teeth but it does require more skill for me to reach with the dental floss back to all four of my wisdom teeth. I should not complain about this small task since some biological dentists are questioning the extraction of wisdom teeth.

Dr. Jerry Curatola who is one of the top biological dentists in the United States states … “there’s this bi-directional thing between the mouth and everywhere else. And the mouth is the source of over 80% of the toxicity in the human body, ranging from mercury fillings, BPA composites, jaw cavitations …” Dr. Curatola continues … “gum disease has been linked to breast cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer. The number one bacteria in colorectal tumors is the most common bacteria in the mouth, fusobacterium nucleatum.”

Extraction of wisdom teeth creates holes in the jaw or the term is “cavitation”. These caves in the jaw that are dark, moist and warm become opportunistic areas to harbor all kinds of pathogens, bacteria, mold and metals. Dr. Curatola explains that gum disease and chronic low-grade infection of the gums can become the source of many diseases throughout the body.

So back to using antibiotics which may cause a microbial imbalance in the mouth. Dr. Curatola states … “That the old approach of killing germs is not only ineffectual but harmful. At this amazing community of bacteria, six to 10 billion a number actually help to keep us alive. They (bacteria) actually help to transport minerals from saliva to mineralize your teeth and oxygen to your gums.” Watt-Ahh is certainly not an antibiotic but rather provides active hydration and oxygen delivery to the beneficial bacteria in our mouths to reduce the risk of infection. We recommend that you follow your health practitioner’s advice and a biological dentist may be a good fit for your own health strategy.