Sky High with Watt-Ahh

Alberto S., who is a new customer, shared he is a skydiver and BASE jumper. We told him about friends who own a private jet. They fly at high elevations with Watt-Ahh and monitor their blood  oxygen saturation. Instead of turning on the supplemental oxygen in the cabin, they drink Watt-Ahh and watch their blood ox rise to more normal levels.

Alberto said he will try the same experiment next time he went skydiving. Alberto wrote us after the experiment (see results below), that he is an Extreme Athlete, former CPT Army Special Forces, swimmer and Pentathlon Champion. He is also a business man and holds a PhD. in Economics from University of Venice, Italy.

Alberto wrote back to us … “Rob, Thank you for your shipment. I started to drink it right away and the effects are amazing! So much more energy and feeling stronger.”

Alberto continues … “By the way I did it! Test went super good. I skydived all the weekend and jumped from 20,160 feet climbing without O2. I made two records myself: No Oxygen and 213 Mph speed head down. All is recorded with my altimeter.

Altimeter of the experiment day:

  • exit altitude : 20,160 ft
  • speed : 213 mph
  • deployment altitude 1,910 ft

Thank you very much, I would need to order more. Best.” Alberto S. of Florida and California

WIT Technology Can Help Flight Crews

Here are some of the benefits for flight crews, both commercial and private, who are interested in using our Technology:

  • More available oxygen absorption into the blood.
  • Cellular hydration to offset dry air in the cabin.
  • Use of the Polarized Water in a nasal spray, will keep the nasal blood vessels from breaking due to inhaling dry air and preventing exposure to aerial bacteria and viruses that can cause both sinus and respiratory complications.
  • Passengers also benefit from both drinking and nasal spraying of the Polarized Water while in-flight (tip: add the Polarized Water to saline spray).