How to Make The Original Water Elixir

Watt-Ahh is similar to the Original Water on Earth, billions of years ago. The rain water was pure and active from many lightning storms. The water electrically-transported micro nutrients in the soil to support growth of floating algal mats including single-celled Chlorella (green algae) and diatoms. Dinosaurs feasted on the algae and the bioavailability of the nutrients allowed the dinosaurs to grow to large dimensions … nothing like the smaller sizes of the animals today except for baleen whales that consume tiny krill (a planktonic crustacean) and other marine-micro species circulating in the open seas.

Terrestrial plants (including both edible fruits and vegetables) evolved with a physiological defense that our bodies cannot fully digest, leading to reduced bioavailability of both critical minerals and vitamins that our bodies need. Maybe some instances of overeating is a sign of bioavailability failure and craving even more food that cannot be fully digested, including sweet and salty snacks, may lead to an unhealthy obesity cycle.

Making Elixirs

My husband and I drink elixirs made with Watt-Ahh both in the morning and in the evening. The ingredients added to the Watt-Ahh have changed through the years based on sage advice from our customers, health practitioners and attending health-related conferences and shows. Our star ingredients these days relate to the bio-nutrition of the dinosaur age and active plant oils which include:

  • Chlorella (green algae)
  • Spirulina (filamentous cyanobacterium)
  • Astaxanthin/BioAstin (carotenoid pigment found in marine plants)
  • Cistus (rock rose) tea and tincture (when we make tea, we add Manuka Honey that is now available in certain big box stores)
  • Moringa oil
  • Both soil and plant-based micronutrients (fulvic and humic)
  • Celtic sea salt (a dash)
  • Super probiotic freeze-dried gcmaf yogurt (it has dramatically improved my own digestive efficiency)

For joint health, we are using a powder product with specific collagen peptides.

We continue to add magnesium, Vitamin C powder, turmeric, bee pollen, Matcha green tea powder, CoQ10 liquid, and a splash of juice (cranberry or apple cider) for some flavor.

Again, we rely on our customers to tell us more about how they use Watt-Ahh and how it complements other healthy ingredients. Write us with your own elixir recommendations or let us know if you want a source for one of these fine ingredients.

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