Slosh-less Tennis Play

October 8, 2023 — Many athletes experience the awful sloshy feeling in their stomach after drinking regular water such as tennis players between sets. That same sloshy feeling (or other symptoms of bloating and stomach ache) can happen when someone drinks too much regular water at a time which is one of the main reasons why some individuals do not care to drink regular water.

Of course I only drink Watt-Ahh during one-hour extreme cardio tennis twice a week. The fast-absorbing Watt-Ahh into the cells prevent the uncomfortable sloshy feeling. Some of the recommendations in this article on tennis hydration match my own protocol below.

Typically, one sip of water is equal to about one ounce. The article mentioned above recommends … “If you are training for 60+ minutes, sip 4-6 ounces fluid every 15 minutes”. I drink close to ½ liter of Watt-Ahh (16.9 oz.) for each cardio session to stay super hydrated. Also, about 45 minutes before starting to exercise, I drink an elixir of about ½ liter of Watt-Ahh and routinely visit the ladies’ restroom at the tennis club before playing.

So intake of Watt-Ahh with frequent sipping prior to and during rigorous exercise can keep any athlete super-hydrated without a sloshy feeling in her stomach.