Smile in Our Hearts

by Dana Gourley on June 12, 2017

in Animals, Pet Care

It has been a tough Spring with the passing of beloved pets. The heartache is painful but the memories are so sweet. We will miss Carly (shown in the photo to the left), our brother’s family dog that had boundless love and energy, specially on family vacations. In her life, she ran many miles on the beaches of Cape Cod and likely just as many steps when she scooted her plastic dog dish across the kitchen floor to get each morsel of her food.

Our family dedicated an engraved bone-shaped metal tag to Carly at the Rainbow Bridge on the new campus for the Southeastern Guide Dogs Organization. My brother, Keith, was the inspiration for the title of this article when he wrote: “It is so great you all did this testimony. Kind of brings a tear to my eye. But looking at all those tags makes me feel grateful for all the love each of those friends brought to the world. Still miss her but remember her with a smile in my heart.”

Another loving dog was Molly (shown to the right) that was one of our “Be the Ahh Pets!” She helped Marie and Gary every day at their auto repair shop.

We’d also like to remember Danielle and John’s Katrina, Heather’s Jack, and JoAnn’s Cocoa, who are beloved pets that recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge. The following photos show more of these wonderful pets who touched our lives:

Ann and John’s Cassie

John and Danielle’s Katrina 

 John’s Greta

See more of our beloved pets on AquaNew’s Pinterest page. Do you have a pet who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge that you’d like added to our Pinterest collection of Beloved Pets? Email with your photo.

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