Supercharged Water Makes Dewey’s Trail Green

June of 2021: At the AquaNew Ranch, there is a well-worn trail between our house and the office building. Dewey, the Watt-Ahh cat, is shown on this lush-green trail with her tail up to greet us. Below is a photo of the same trail 48 hours before the first major thunderstorm to break the dry season in Southwest Florida. Incredible! How can brown Bahia grass on a well-worn trail have such a huge “overnight” growth spurt? It is the rain that falls through the polarizing field in the thunderclouds that carries additional elections that soak the ground and pull nutrients from the soil into the grass blades to spur the dramatic growth. The same fast regrowth cannot be replicated by irrigating with well water.

Watt-Ahh that we call “Thunderstorm in a Bottle” can give the same restorative electrons to our own bodies. Dewey drinks Watt-Ahh every day and she also prefers strolling on the softer grass under her paws after the first “Watt-Ahh” thunderstorm of the season.



AquaNew Ranch – Florida Dry Season in June of 2021







AquaNew Ranch – 48 hours after the First Major Thunderstorm


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