How to Effectively Use Watt-Ahh, the “Pow-Ahh Tiger” of Drinking Water – AHA! Pow-Ahh Immunity Discovery for June of 2021

May 13, 2021: We like to think of Watt-Ahh as a “powerful and regal tiger” … given to the World in dire need of energy for healing and immunity. We offer recommendations on how to effectively use this active form of water that we have learned through the years of trying to understand its full potential.

What is Watt-Ahh?

Watt-Ahh is pure water that has been infused with the Fifth State of Water that we call DiTetra Gas … changing the fundamental molecular structure of water making it more compatible for humans and their pets. Watt-Ahh absorbs into the cells for full hydration and detoxification. It provides additional oxygen to red blood cells and electrons to cellular mitochondria which are needed in the conversion of our food into ATP … the energy source for life and healing.  Watt-Ahh is smooth to drink. It rapidly absorbs into cells without a sloshy, bloated feeling in the stomach. The taste is clean and refreshing.

Time for the Next Paradigm Shift in Bottled Water

Consumers who seek healthier beverages have made bottled water the number-one selling beverage by volume in the USA. However, it has been over Two Decades since the last blockbuster discovery in water … breakthroughs in adding electrolytes, minerals and vitamins to bottled water as well as adjusting the pH for alkaline water. More recently, beverage companies have been making sparkling water with added exotic flavors and some have even started to add caffeine and alcohol. Join us in the next powerhouse in drinking water … Watt-Ahh!

Mitochondric Life

Watt-Ahh Polarized Water is 100% water (no additives). It is the next evolution in bottled water … a stable, crystalline-like structure loaded with additional electrons, supporting the mitochondria energy needed for both healing and life. One analogy is mitochondria is like the CEO of cells … controlling many essential biofunctions of our bodies such as respiration, metabolism, production of reactive oxygen species, and programmed cellular life cycles. Studies show optimum mitochondrial functions also support both good cognitive health and immunity against viruses and other disease vectors. Drinking Watt-Ahh supports your molecular being, right to the Mighty Mitochondria.

How Do I Start Drinking Watt-Ahh?

It is best to start slow and avoid possible symptoms of a rigorous detox such as a short-term headache. Watt-Ahh is stable even when the cap is twisted off the bottle. You can drink 1/3 to 1/2 of the bottle on the first day and recap the bottle to enjoy the rest in the next day or so. The optimum amount of Watt-Ahh for sustainable health is between 8 oz. (approximately 250 ml) and 33.9 oz. (one liter) per day. You may drink Watt-Ahh when taking vitamin supplements or add minerals or organic salt solutions for greater and faster cellular absorption.

What is the Best Temperature for Watt-Ahh?

The DiTetra Gas will escape from the pure water when either boiled or frozen. Watt-Ahh makes flavorful coffee and tea and we recommend only a soft boil (when the tea kettle starts to whistle).  Pouring Watt-Ahh over ice is fine. It is always best in storing any consumable product to keep inside in a climate-controlled environment. Watt-Ahh has a long shelf (years) when properly stored.

Why PET-1 Plastic Bottles?

PET-1 (non-PBA) is the best container available to preserve the electronic nature of Watt-Ahh. Over time, glass will steal the electrons from the water. We request everyone to try to recycle all containers.

Sustainable Technology

DiTetra Gas that is infused into Watt-Ahh can also solve many of our environmental concerns. We offer use licenses to other businesses with great creative ideas in making our lives and those of our children more sustainable including one licensee that is making progress in using DiTetra Gas to convert plastic bottles back into fuel. Our vision is that beverage fleets will run on recovered fuel from plastic bottles while oceans become cleaner. Go to for more information on the various applications of the patented WIT Technology.

Additional FAQ’s

We offer responses to more frequently asked questions (FAQs) at this link. If we can answer your specific questions, please call 1-888-936-2782 M-F, between 9 am and 5 pm ET USA.

How to Order

Watt-Ahh can be ordered either through or and we fulfill all online orders. A list of stores and health clinics that carry Watt-Ahh can be found at website.

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