How to Make a Pow-Ahh Elixir – AHA! Pow-Ahh Immunity Discovery for July of 2021

July of 2021 – We have shared recipes for our morning and evening elixirs for several years now. The main ingredient is Watt-Ahh to make it a “Pow-Ahh Elixir”. Making your own special elixir or smoothie is a creative venture that can evolve depending upon available ingredients. The main ingredient, Watt-Ahh, can reduce the timeline in getting health benefits from the supplements added.

Our current elixir has some new immunity-boosting ingredients due to the pandemic. Here is our current ingredient list that we mix into Watt-Ahh (follow the dosage recommendations for each product):

  • A full glass of Watt-Ahh Polarized Water
  • Beet juice or juice for flavor
  • Powder form of ionic magnesium citrate (e.g., Calm)
  • Powder form of peptides/collagen
  • Powder form of Vitamin C (including Camu Camu powder)
  • Powder form of Glutathione
  • Powder form of Bravo yogurt
  • Powder form of turmeric
  • Powder form of organic wheat grass
  • Drops of mineralized salt solution dissolved in Watt-Ahh
  • Drops of Vitamin D
  • Drops of iodine
  • Splash of Ionic Biome (formerly Restore) prebiotic
  • Splash of aloe liquid
  • Rob likes a capsule full of CoQ10 liquid form
  • Sprinkle of honey pollen
  • Plus we drink the elixir to swallow these supplements in either capsule or tablet form:
    • For eye health: black currant, Astaxanthin (Hawaiian BioAstin), and wild Alaskan salmon oil (Omega D3) – We add this note that the cleanest fish oil comes from areas of ocean flushing. Unfortunately, we were told by an engineering friend of ours who consults for fish farms worldwide that some Norwegian fjords have permanent anoxic and toxic layers due to narrow and shallow outlets to the sea.
    • For bladder health: a swig of Nature’s Answer urinary tract health
    • Multi-vitamin including Vitamin B-complex and organic Spirulina
    • Multi-mineral tablet
    • For additional viral defense: zinc

Our list of ingredients seem to get longer through the years … part of the benefit of talking with health-wise customers each day!

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Pow-Ahh Your Immunity – Drink Watt-Ahh!