The Watt-Ahh Saga – Where are the Watt-Ahh Liter Bottles?

I love the high-rise beauties with the interior label of three cascading diamonds. It is truly a  delight for me to talk with customers and dispatch the Water to them. I am sad that the liter bottles are temporarily sold out for the next week or two.

In recent years, we have come close to being sold out … but the timing of the next production wave of liter bottles comes to the rescue. However, over the last 45 days, we have suffered three times failure to launch fully successful productions of the liter-sized bottles. What happened? The cardboard trays used to  hold each case of twelve tall liter bottles in place with the shrink wrap, have been back-ordered for over eight weeks. Last week, the trays arrived but not in the correct dimensions to run on the assembly line … very sad news.

So pardon our supply-side dust. We have at least two other vendors in a race to make the cardboard trays and if all goes well, the liter bottles should be back in action again … we anticipate before mid-December of 2018. The next production of the smaller 16.9 oz. bottles of Watt-Ahh is scheduled for this coming week that will help us overcome the temporary liter-bottle shortfall.

AquaNew is appreciative to our customers who seem to understand the tumbling challenges of manufacturing quality products … as well as their collective purchases of Watt-Ahh that have lifted gross sales to a double-digit percentage increase compared to last year’s gross sales. The diamond liter bottles will shine again … we promise!

Watt-Ahh liter bottles in a cardboard tray before going into the heat tunnel to shrink the exterior plastic wrap.