2018 – “No Fear” Year

Part of AquaNew’s mission statement is to support those in recovery and to “bravely seek” with others the new horizon for sustainable health. The mission statement recognizes our customers’ busy lives who are discerning about their health, willing to share their own incredible life journey, and have optimism for the future.

We honor those who showed no fear in sharing their life’s health journeys with us. Their individual bravery actually motivates us to learn more and share with our social-audience information on many health-related topics.

We also appreciate the feedback from our “WIT pioneers”, Dr. Walter Campbell, Health Coaches Robyn Berry and Audrey Delahunt, Scott and Deb Self, and Delphi University Founders Kimberly and Charles Curcio. This year, Dr. Campbell worked with Rob Gourley on the adaption of goggles to help his patients challenged with vision issues while receiving therapy treatments from the WIT Machine.

Each month, we highlighted an individual who influenced Rob Gourley’s Inventified nature … it was our AHA Ahh-mazing Discovery! theme for 2018 (in celebration of Rob turning 70 this year).  A collection of each Inventified story can be found at this link. They shared their own life’s missions during Rob’s childhood and these special individuals included product manufacturers (railroad china and electrical porcelain), designers (dolls, family retreats), researchers (detergent), business owners (lumber yard), creatives (authors and dancers), teachers and even military support (during the Battle of Formosa and defeat of the Desert Fox during WWII).  I personally only met five of these individuals since the Rob’s other relatives passed before I met Rob but each of their legacies live on. Indeed, our respective sharing of our well-rounded lives can live well beyond our Earth years and can be inherited by our children.

2019 – “Long Jet” Year

The AHA! theme for the New Year will be Longevity or simply stated, how we should feel throughout our lives. Each month, we will give a closer look at the various worldwide “Blue Zones” where residents are living longer and healthier. The “secrets” revealed may lead each of us to think about creating better “Blue Zones” in our own homes and possibly sparking a community-wide effort for a Blue Zone designation in each of our home towns.

We realized in 2018 that the assembly-line of life will give us all surprises and sometimes challenges to overcome. Rob and I appreciate the steady-state support of our customers as we venture into the New Year together. We wish everyone blessed holidays and a good “Long Jet” New Year … a long, happy and healthy life!