Want Your Coffee to Taste as Good as It Smells? Try Brewing with Watt-Ahh®

Coffee in Coffee CupIf you’ve ever stood with your nose poised over a can of freshly ground coffee, savoring the aroma for a few seconds, you’ve probably wondered like so many others. “How come coffee never tastes as good as it smells?” 

We experience two senses of smell – the initial inhalation and the second smell during the exhalation after we take a sip of coffee and the aroma goes up through the nasal passages and out through the nose. The aroma is typically perceived to be less robust and pleasant on the exhalation when we drink our coffee.

Our secret for delicious aroma and flavor is to brew freshly ground coffee beans with Watt-Ahh®. The structure of the ultra-pure Water locks in the flavor and creates a sweeter and smoother experience with no unpleasant after taste. The strength and richness of the coffee itself can be retained even when cutting back on the amount of coffee beans used. That is good for those concerned about caffeine consumption or who desire to reduce the cost of coffee itself. 

The essence of fine teas also has greater taste clarity. Pour boiling Watt-Ahh® into a cup which immediately immerses and pulls the full flavor out of the tealeaves.

Watt-Ahh® also keeps teapots squeaky clean as well as expensive coffee and cappuccino machines.

Try the Strawberry Jellybean Test 

The interaction between the sense of smell and taste is amazing. Our taste buds detect sweet, salty, sour and bitter along with texture and temperature. However, it is the chemical molecules in the air, picked up by our sense of smell that defines what we taste. Try the Strawberry Jellybean Test to understand why.If you were to hold your nose, closing off your nasal passages, and eat a strawberry jellybean, you’d be able to detect that it is sweet and sour and hard then soft as you chew. Yet, it is only when you release hold of your nose that your sense of smell kicks in – identifying what you are tasting as strawberry flavored.

Try the Cut Flower Test 

The fragrance of your favorite cut flowers, such as roses and gardenias, can be transferred into Watt-Ahh®. Fill your vase with ultra-clean Watt-Ahh® and only add a small amount of the powder from the packet sold with cut flowers. Tap water can start to become moldy with that awful smell within a day or so. Watt-Ahh® will remain relatively bacteria free and actually smell like the flowers even after a day or two. The flowers also will stay fresher longer in Watt-Ahh®.


Coffee and Tea Made with Watt-Ahh® Richly Rewards

Our Senses of Smell and Taste


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