Can Pain Be a Sign of Healing?

PHO_waterfallWe’ve been conditioned to view pain as a sign that something is “wrong” with the body and that symptoms are “bad.” Yes, our bodies are giving us vital information when we experience inflammation, fevers, respiratory conditions, skin reactions and even pain. However, as the body rids itself of toxins, many signs that we perceive as disease are actually key indicators that are letting us know that we’re getting better. 

On occasion, we hear back from first-time customers wondering why they experienced a temporary headache during the initial days of drinking Watt-Ahh®. It may come as a surprise to them to realize that they are actually detoxifying and their headache is likely a symptom of healing. 

How can you tell the difference between “good” pain and “bad” pain?

We caution you up front that if you are experiencing acute or chronic pain, you need to seek advice from a healthcare practitioner. In some cases, if you are taking medications (which are not natural to the body in the same way that healthy food and pure water are), your body can have a severe allergic reaction. At other times, our bodies respond adversely to natural foods because of a suppressed immune system or in cases (such as peanuts) where the food may have been genetically modified. Keep in mind that your body may react to a certain allergen one day, but not the next (or, only when there’s an overabundance of allergens present). This has to do with the overall strength of your immune system. Your healthcare provider can help you determine what is beneficial in your healing process and how to maintain healthy immunity function.

What are some of the normal healing signs? 

When your body is detoxifying, you may experience headaches, congestion and respiratory discomfort and even an upset stomach. Your body will also seek to purge toxins from the vital organs first, such as the heart, lungs and liver; in which case, it’s going to pass those toxins out of your body through as safe a means as possible – oftentimes through the skin (in the form of rashes and hives) and through the kidneys and bowels (causing diarrhea and an increased need to urinate).  You may also experience fatigue as your body is working very hard to help you heal.

Many of these symptoms dissipate within a few days – longer if you’ve experienced toxicity in your body for an extended period of time.

Our bodies each have an amazing capacity to heal. They burn viruses out with fever and signal white blood cells and stem cells to wound sites for repair. Superior hydration is also essential to flush adverse bacteria from the vital organs. When we recognize that these “bad” signs are actually good, we can mentally approach our healing from a more positive perspective and perhaps alleviate some of our fears about pain. Scientific evidence suggests that a positive mental attitude can facilitate healing – and who doesn’t want to get better faster?

Watt-Ahh® as part of the healing process

Pure water intake can greatly increase the rate at which your body flushes toxins. However, customers often ask us how much Watt-Ahh® they should consume at the beginning since, as you know, Watt-Ahh®is NOT regular pure water. Certain individuals, depending upon their innate toxicity and other health factors, should start slowly by drinking a single 16.9 oz. bottle for the first several days and then increase the amount of daily consumption as desired (or as recommended by your healthcare professional). Continued consumption of Watt-Ahh® will support uninterrupted detoxification and healing which are important for all of us since we can not avoid daily exposure to unhealthy chemicals that can lurk in our homes, schools and workplaces. 

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