What is Electrophotonic Imaging?

electrophotonic imageElectrophotonic imaging is a process that measures the energy fields of humans as well as plants, crystals, essential oils and water. These images are captured by a highly-specialized camera referred to as a GDV (gas discharge visualization), EPC or EPI camera. This is a relatively new technology in the United States that first arrived from Russia fewer than five years ago.

Different structures of water generate specific patterns of gas discharge bursts or imaging. Structured, energy-rich water provides essential health benefits, such as better hydration, increased energy and the release of toxins from the body.

Dr. Zachary Bush, M.D., who is leading a medical conference in Sarasota, Fla. January 24 and 25, is the first person to test Watt-Ahh® using electrophotonic imaging technology.

Dr. Bush told us that he initially thought his GDV camera was broken after the first round of testing of Watt-Ahh®. His raw data, which has been subsequently confirmed by other leading water experts using their own cameras, show Watt-Ahh® as being the most stable and energy-rich water they have ever tested (with more than 15 standard deviations apart from other structured waters tested).  

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